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Having lost 3st on LL last year, I 'achieved' a size 10/12 (10 on bottom and 12 on top - big boobs ;)!) but since last January I have GROWN to a size 12/14 and I don't like it :cry:. Combination of bikkie-binges at work at about 4.00p.m. and then bottle of wine most evening to unwind. I know it's all wrong - no need to tell me that!

So now I am doing CD in the hope of getting back to where I was and so far so good. I have no idea what I currently weigh - because I dont want to know :eek::eek: and so until I can squeeze back into my size 10 jeans I am going nowhere near a scales! (I know its cowardly and many of you will think of lots of great reasons why I should 'weigh in' but I know me and if I have gained much more than a stone in weight I will be driven to drink and buns! - so no scales for this possom).

Anyway apart from not weighing myself I am trying to recreate every other aspect of my earlier success - sticking rigidly to the diet, drinking water etc etc. I have also managed to get hold of some ketostix and they indicate that I have reached that Mecca that is ketosis and I am pleased.

What I would like to know is what 'colour' the stick should be to indicate that you are in just the right amount of ketosis? I know that it shouldn't be completely dark but which of the lower colours is best - or does it matter?

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the colour only changes depending on how dehydrated you are. because there's more ketones in your wee. so if you use them first thing on a morning they might be dark. as long as they turn pink at all you are in ketosis. if you do it when you are drinking loads they will go pale pink and if you have slept in they'll be practically purple. here's to the colour pink :D

abz xx

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