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hi there i was told by my counsellor that i should not go past the 2nd going into the 3rd band anything more than this means you are dehydrated, you will know when you are in ketosis when you start to get the smelly breath

Ria C

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When you say 2nd or 3rd colour, do you mean from negative onwards or from traces onwards?? Im confused!!!
My cdc said aim for the salmon pink colour, if its lookingmoreto the dark red/purple colour then get the water intoyou


this time I will succeed
No ketosis is the beige colour.
Ketosis is best between the next two pale pinks up from the beige.
Too dark means you are dehydrated.
Hope that makes sense
Don't worry about what the sticks say - if you're sticking to the diet and drinking your water your definately going to be in ketosis and be burning fat after a few days.
I don't have my ketostix in yet but this is my tenth day on the diet and I dn't have yukky breath yet, confirmed by my mum and husband lol! Poor souls had to check for me lol! I am really cold all the time and I don't feel hungry though.
Wow Lin, you've lost another 4.5lbs! That's amazing! Do you do lots of excersise too or just the diet? I've been using my powerplate most nights but that's about it, hardly excersise though standing on a plate being jiggled about lol!

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