Ketostix show ketosis but no other signs of ketosis


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Hi everyone, I am brand new to Exante and Vlcd. I have been on total solution for about 5 days. I have used a ketostix and it is showing the first colour in the purple zone. But I keep expecting the keto flu. I wasn't very healthy before eating lots of carbs like crisps so I thought I would get a monster headache. But so far I haven't in fact I feel better than before. I feel like my blood sugar is more stable, only a tiny bit hungry at times. My head was a bit foggy for a few days but now I feel quite clear headed. I haven't lost much weight though yet. Does this mean I am in the beginnings of ketosis or not? Thanks in advance
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Normally on Exante you go into ketosis on the third or fourth day and the feelings you describe of feeling good and reduced appetite are good indicators of being in ketosis.

Thankfully Not everyone gets the Keto flu...I guess you are one of the lucky ones:classic_smile:

Ketostix are good at the start for reassurance that you are in ketosis but if you follow the Exante diet correctly you should stay in ketosis...

The weight you lose in the first few days is mostly water weight...

Good luck on your diet journey and if you need any help or have more questions just ask as there is always someone around willing to help out.:classic_smile:


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I have not used ketostix but know I have been in ketosis because I have more energy and am not hungry! I did not get full blown keto flu either, I guess we are just lucky Ecomum! Hope all going well for you. xx