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Had been lookin at kettleworx as some of you's have had amazing results, I was a bit put of by price tho as I'm kind of person who starts something n doesn't see it through, anyway was In sainsburys yest n the had the kettlenetics set in sale down from £34.99 to £10.49 it has the DVD and a 4ib bell and a information book, I know this may not be on par with kw but just thought I would let people know of a cheaper alternative until like me they k ow its worth spending the money on!! Sainsbury online have them too xx
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Would be great to have a review on Kettlenetics
From what I have seen I wouldnt call it a kb workout, mainly due to the feather light bell being used, it would still be good, as anything that gets you up and moving is always beneficial :)
The moves are quite 'dancy' so looks like a good cardio/aerobics workout


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Looked at this on youtube. It uses light weights and the moves are more rhythmic and dance orientated. It wont really get your bigger muscles working like most KB routines but it will give you an aerobic style workout. I did read somewhere that the reason for the light weight was to keep costs down and not for any user benefit...

If you like dance and feel you need a transition to say kettleworx this is an option. I understand its hard to part with large sums for other programmes and they are pricey but tend to work better.

I use ebay and gumtree (collect in person) for my dvds and buy used ones...


Hi I bought the kettlenettics from Sainsburys too, tried it twice, seems ok , the second DVD was harder and faster xxx