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Keytones Sticks


Will someone explain to me what colour the stick should be, i always thought that the darker the stick the more dehydrated you were. Im a balanced kind of tone of pink, I remember last time i was maroon but ive never been sure what the best colour is. Please advise.
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Yes, my thoughts are the same as yours and the darker the stick the more you need to drink. I think sometimes the ketone levels can also be higher or lower depending on how much of them are left over after you've burnt what you need for energy. So for example, after heavy exercise your stick may well be lighter. I think that so long as you are 100% on the diet and the stick is showing a level of ketone, that's fine :)

the darker the color the more ketones are in your pee (the more fat being burned).... dont worry too much about the shade as long as its pink upwards.... nothing to do with dehydration.... the ammount of water that you drink on TFR is so high that the kidneys are constantly being flushhed through which keeps it mostly to a,light pink... (with some exceptions i guess) an example, if i went to the gym and done a heavy workout and then tested i would be dark purple, as by body has just used a load of extra fat cells for energy so a big release of ketones into the body.... if a normal non energetic day then will be a pale pink as just on a steady burn and constantly peeing and flushing due to the ammount of water im drinking.... hope that helps to understand a little.... basically dont worry about the shade.. pink i s perfect!....

oh and also (just incase you ever get this) example, if you drank a pint of water and then went pee, then drank another pint quickly and needed to pee again like within half hour, your pee may even come out negative, which you should not be alarmed about as its just you flushed your kidneys so quick the water didnt have chance to collect any ketones on the way through! LMAO!

basically, dont worry about it too much! hehe
Thanks Radical, that puts my mind at rest.

Do you find you loose much more weight on Lipotrim through exercise. Yesterday was the first day i exercised, the sun was shining and i felt like a long walk with the ipod and dog!! Does exercise speed up loss with lipotrim??
In my opinion no, but hey exercise is good on any diet and for general well being and fitness... others may have different opinions but i personally dont think it makes any/or very little difference.... but its good for you none the less!

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