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KFC or Chinese?



needs to get out more!
I think I remember reading of all the take away food stuffs KFC is the worst with the highest amount of fat. (I think I read it in a WW thing)... it is definitly worse than Chinese (but Indian is the best - depending on what you have obviously!)

Hm theres no getting away from the fact that I love special fried rice, I just can't buy boiled rice, I could cook boiled rice at home ! :( I wonder if egg fried rice is a bit better?? My god I must be hungry, im finding all kinds of ways to get around eating something tasty!!
Indian is better than chinese? I bet korma isnt, :( I think we're having a take away tonight, im trying to decide how to compromise!
(but Indian is the best - depending on what you have obviously!)

Id disagree there. Id avoid Indian like the plague. Again using WW as a guide, a lot of Indian dishes are around 15 - 22 (or more points) whereas you can get a Chinese meal for under 10.

As soon as you put sauce on an Indian dish the fat and cals go through the roof sadly


needs to get out more!
I thought I read in WW stuff that chicken tikka (not masala) was the lowest points?? - I do agree that its the sauces that add the points tho. I always used to have the dry chicken tikka, the salad and some rice and that was not too bad on calories.

Egg fried rice isnt too bad for you (if you cook it at home & use spray oil), but I doubt takeaways do somehow.....
Have to agree with starlight, Indian is by far the worst as they cook with Ghee.....obviously if you have chicken without the sauce it is better as its the sauce that carries the cals....your all making me hungry now and I cant have any of it with the bypass...so far today I have had a few spoons of porridge, milky coffee, some prawns with chilli dipping sauce and a small slice of wholemeal bread and when I say some about 8 prawns...followed by a few spoons of spag bol....and thats all day!....one of my cats eats more than me!....but its all in a good cause...xx
Thanks for those links starlight! Yes, I think KFC is about as bad as it gets! I've been good so far, no take away in the end! :p

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