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Kidney infection :(:(:(


My husband = My hero
Ello everyone!

yesterday my kidneys were really sore, and this morning i woke up and they were in agony, iv been trying to battle on but its just sooo painful!!!

do u think im not drinkin enough water? i drink over 2 litres a day...

or could it be excess protein in my tinkle??

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oh poor you, hope you get better soon. Sorry i cant help just thought id say GET WELL SOON :)


My husband = My hero
thanks ladies!

guna give the Docs a ring tonight, work 2 jobs though so hard to make time to go! but guna have to cos can hardly sit never mind get up!!

just gine drink an extra litre today see how i get on!!

take it its a kind if side effect then?

An kirt love sorry about ur ear!!! keep it wrapped up!


My husband = My hero
Same to you!! xx
hope your better soon like

get ya self to the docs though soon as to get sorted


My husband = My hero
I was thinking that BUT can you take anti biotics on LT????


I will be skinny again!!!
I think you can, if it says take after food just take it after your shake :)

get well soon!!

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Hope your feeling better soon, have you tried drinking warm water, it does help and goes down quicker. XX


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Im Drinking boiled water by the bucket load, i feel so shitty its unbelievable, i cant even stand up off my chair without holding my breath it hurts that much,

thankyou though ladies i have a DR appt at 9.10 tomorrow morning, so will tell thema bout lipo an cross my fingers its not excess protein etc...

wish my mum an dad were home from Kenya :(

so selfish ha but i feel poop xx
Aww, sorry you feel so rough, don't worry about excess protein, there isn't a high amount in our LT.
If you feel any worse, ring the surgery back and tell them you need to be seen as an "Urgent" on tonights surgery.
Hope you soon feel better Hun xxxx


My husband = My hero
Thanks hun put my mind at rest! last thing iw anted was them to tell me to come off Lipo!!

will do, got work again tonight so not got time for DR would you believe!! will go 1st thing tomorrow tho and get sorted!! x
sorry cant really help you though I hope you feel better real soon

xx Sharron


My husband = My hero
Well turns out my "kidney infection" is nothing of the sort!!

Iv got inflamation on my hip joints (hence why i thought it was kidneys) and also a sprianed spine... which is also inflamed and so there for killing me!!!

Iv been given codeine for the pain, ibruprofen and another anti inflamatory, and told NO EXCERCISE what so ever!!!!!! :(

spose its good its not my kidneys... but he has no idea whats caused it, asked if the diet could be to do with it and he said no if anything thats helping cos its takeing pressure off my joints as the weight comes off...

so... im crossing my fingers and toes that noe xcercise this week doesnt affect my weight loss too much, and cant wait to get back into it next week!!

Hey Lauren, just asked how you got on this morning on our team thread... Glad you got some magic pills :) Just a thought, but couldn't you do some swimming as it makes you weightless? No pressure on your joints etc? And I'd imagine it would be quite soothing.


My husband = My hero
not bad babe, still like a pensioner haha

but just took my painkillers, and they were sugar coated so im panicking!


My husband = My hero
everyones in kenya ha im home alone and wifey is away wth the army! hes home at the weekend tho so can be looked after!!

feeling better already everyone, thanks so much for caring! xx

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