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Kiiras achievenents


Go on smile! =)
Go you! :D
actually media just print wat they want to , like the diet they said i was on rivita and salad for tea? no way would i say that... i did say xenical but they choose what to publish... infact it was in my local paper and then two days later media and newspapers had got hold of it and i didnt know it was being published , those on my facebook would have seen how annoyed i was at the crap published. they even had my tattoo wrong and also some other info... has anyone ever told you dont believe what you read?..

i was horrified that the diet published might be followed pitta bread and jacket potato? wat the hell is that..
the media does just want to say whatever it pleases and damn the consequences, kiira is obviously greatful for the help she recieved from xenical otherwise i doubt she would have been so public about posting her story and her advice on a public forum where she can easily be found, shame on the media however for not making the public aware that help is there for those who may need a helping hand in their weight loss journey
very very true ... i have numerous accounts all over & not to mention medical records which im sure people could access any time to be honest.. the world of media is strange they want to sell storys so they edit what they want to make it sound sellable more so.. rubbish lol.. which is why i didnt brag about the papers storys to anyone because it annoyed me no end.
media like sensationalism, had it been the daily mail they would have marketed it from negative angle that you had used xenical and would have been overweight woman drains nhs to lose 17 stone

<disclaimer... not saying xenical drain on nhs cos obviously i using it too lol, just putting different slant on it>
Yeah i see your point there, i know media do say what they want, i guess we just forget that. I think xenical definitely needs more promoting maybe thats what stephy was getting at, just to show everyone how well it works, and that it isnt dangerous to take like a lot of weight loss drugs out there, and to show it can be done with out surgery!!

Kiira, i really admire you, yours was the first story i read on here when i first started my journey, you did amazingly well!!
Xenical changed my life no doubt about it and ill never hide that at all . :) thanks i guess when we see people doin well it inspires you on and im glad i can help people i know that many people on here helped me through all my highs and lows. A really good place to be to get motivation im just happy i can be a part of it x
I never said you didn't say it as I wasn't sure if it was actually you lol

But few of my friends was reading it an I said about this tablet and they adamant ou never?

Wasn't anything towards you just at the media itself :)

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