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Kim's Wedding Dress WW Diary - 12 Weeks!!

Hiyyaaaaaaaaaaa :wavey::wavey:

Welcome to my weightloss/wedding/parenting/genral whing/moan diary :rolleyes:

Im Kimberley. And im 21. And I am a food addict. I could eat all day every day. I have an unlimited capacity. Im here because I think I actually have a problem with food, and thats caused excessive weight gain.

Im not sure how much I've currently lost, it's on my ticker but I have about the same to go again.

I'd never really struggled with my weight until after I had my little monster who's just turned 1, but I want to be a healthier happy mummy for his sake =]

Besides that I have a very special day coming up in 15 weeks and I want to be smaller than I am now. I would ideally like to loose about 3 stone for then. Do-able with no cheats and plenty of exercise.

So this is my weight watchers mixed in with everything else diary!

Ooo and I start tomorrow, but joining class on Tuesday night!
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Right I have my food planned! Had a yummy breakfast of scrambled egg, poached mushrooms and 2 veggie sausages. Very filling! I weighed myself this morning and will take that as my official start weight but be weighed from next Tuesday onwards. Don't think I'll loose anything by Tues coming up but will hopefully will do by a week Tuesday!
So here's todays plan!

2x veggie sausages 4p
2x eggs 2.5p
100ml semi skimmed milk 0.5p
Mushrooms 0p

Mug Shot Cous Cous 4p

Lasange 8p
Frozen Brocolli, Cauliflour & Carrots 0p

19/21 used. If im hungry I still have some CD products I could use as snacks - think they come up at bout 1p each.

So here's to day 1 and hopefully a very successful 15 weeks slimming and beyond!
Well the weekend wasn't good! I was rather naughty with alcohol on Saturday night, like a farewell to beer!

But tonights WW joining time! So I'll be weighed in 7 days and IAM going to loose weight!
Welcome Kimberley!

Well done on your loss so far - that's fantastic!!!xx
This diary will be madness! I can ramble for England! But thank you to all of you, make sure you pop by often! I'll have a little look through some diaries after I've done todays rant =]

Well my babysitter failed to tell me she was going to the cinema last night with her new bf! Argh.

But I joined tonight in the next village. There really nice! Nice people at WW meetings - the one I used to go to was so stuck up and cliquey!
But I think I'll like it there =]

Went shopping today and got Biggest Loser on the Wii. Love watching the Australia verson thats on sky atm. Thats my sit on my arse viewing when Bambino goes for naptime.

Tomorrows gonna be a busy day. Have to get OHs passport photo done, pay the florist, pay the photographer and send some CVs for OH. He has suddenly decided he doesn't like his job and wants to be a baker - yes a bloody baker!

And I weight 14st 13.5 disgusting. It actually is. Argh. But I was bigger - I used to be 18st 12. That was my official starting weight in Sept. I know I've done well by im struggling now so so much. I love food lol.

I need to move my ticker right back to where I am now. I so can't wait to start moving it down again! Im hoping for 6lbs next week. WW has always been good to me - well when I stick to it and exercise. I jst get lazy.

So heres to 6lbs next week =] I can hope...
Glad you like your meeting. It makes all the difference when you enjoy the class:)

I have Biggest Loser on Wii too - do you like it?

Good luck for your target next week
Day 1
I've nearly made it through day 1 yaaaayyyyy! Big achievement for me!
I had a massive breakfast at 11 am consisting of 9p oops! Then a cd shake a lunch =] then lasagne and veg for dinner with an apple. No points left though. Think tonights pickings will be cucumber lol

Annnddd I nearly got everything done - minus paying the photographer cos I have no idea where my cheque books gone so thats not really my fault. Progress!

I have a headache though, possibly due to lack of food so think an early night might be in order!
Day 2
And I went on the Wii. Dead impressed =]
The Biggest Loser game is defo worth investing in. I worked up a sweat in mins! I've chosen the 12 week plan and should loose 41lbs in that time. Will be interesting to see if I stick to WW and do that every 2 days if it will happen.
Don't know how many points I've had today. It either bang on or slighty under, I was doing it in my head.

Gonna add them up and head to bed =]
OMG I can barely breathe! Must note to warm up before exercising! All teh punches I was throwing on BL game has pulled all the muscles down my back. Very sore!
My own fault!

I had 20 points yesterday so saved 2 =] Going to a party tomorrow but don't think Im going to drink as I don't think I will have the points to. I was gonna buy vodka and measure it out and take it along and just have that with diet coke.

Don't have anything in for breakfast that would be low in points so might have a CD shake as im going out for lunch with a friend on ym lunch break. Its always BK or subway so gonna work oout whats low in points and do a points 'plan' for today and see how I go =]

Hope everyones doing well and looking forward to the footie#!
do you stretch out at the end of the game? thats when you need to concentrate on stretching your arms etc - i learned that 2 days ago - i'm still like a whiplash victim today! :)
Day 5?
I went quite a bit over my points yesterday oops! But I've been good today and social drinks don't happen very often when you have a 1yr old so im confident!
I did the warm up and cool down this morning but my arms are still feeling really heavy and a bit achey =[ Will see what condition I wake up tomorrow morning!

My 2nd Graze box came today, forgot to pick the healthy eating option and have ended up with a punnet with 9p in it! And its tiny!
My pickings for today are savoury roasted seeds for 3.5p nomnom nom!
I have a free code if anyone is interested in trying one for nothing!

Nothing planned really for the rest of the day. Gonna go back to bed and rest off the hangover whilst Bambino goes for his nap - im shattered!

Very much looking forward to WI on Weds even after yesterdays slight disaster =] I've exercised which I normally wouldn't of done so hopefully thats undone any damage that may of been caused. Scales are showing a 0.5 gain from yesterday morning which isn't too bad! If I was still on CD it would of been about 4lbs!
Well im back on the wagon after being ill.
Quite seriously ill! Got out of hosp on sunday after 6 days and finished my anti-biotics yesterday so hit WI last night. Gained 2.5lbs but I can live with that - I did pick all the bad options at the hospital plus had many costa coffees whislt I was there!

So day 2 again! Hoping for a good loss next week I have nothing in my way =]
Day 1...

2 eggs 2.5
HF cheese slice 1p
Peach 0.5
Mushrooms 0p
5g olive spread 0.5p
100ml Skim milk 0.5p

Chips 4p
Hot pot 4p
Grapes 1p
Plums 0.5p
Salad 0p
Lamb burger (minus bread & relish) 4p
Lucozade Sport 3p
Small thorntons choc 1.5

Where I can see where I could of made better choices and im now starving as a result lol. No more fatty drinks or choc or chips for me!
Gonna try make wiser choices tomorrow and spread my points out a bit more with filling foods =]
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