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Kinda O/T, good news and new goal!

Well my (younger) brother told us all yesterday that he and his fiancé have set a date for their wedding!

It's around this time next year, so I have a nice little goal there to have lost and be maintaining in time for the big event! :)

As it's a year away I'm focussing more on the "maintaining" part, 'cos heck if I'm not done losing by then I think I shall be screaming :p

Anyway, just wanted to share!
It's had me smiling all day :D
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Jo B

Full Member
Fab news! I have got a similar goal - my brother is getting married on June 20th next year and there is no way I am going to be fat in those photos (one of the reasons I decided to grab the bull by the horns and do something about it)
I'd like another stone to go really, at the start I wanted to be somewhere in the 14's ideally, but we'll see. So long as I'm still losing a few lbs each week, I'll keep going :)


Playing the Angel
Congrats Pete, what a wonderful encouragement to get to goal :) Such happy news and your determination to get to the finish line is just amazing! I doubt I could have stuck this out as long as you have.



I Can Do This!
Sure thing for motivation - a family wedding to look forward to. All those photos that will hang around for years to come. Congrats to your bro and his fiance. Now, you have plenty of time to prepare..... you'll be a honed and toned gym beefcake by then.


The Minis Bad Boy
Have to say Pete, I was looking at your photos. And im impressed a thow you have henched up. You have lost only 10 inches on your chest but 20 on your waist whcih just shows the gym works.

I am planning on doing the same. I already lift quite alot but it is covered by the chub. Im hoping that when the weight goes off the henchness will show through. What do you lift nowadays?


Happy in my own skin
Great news Pete, and something so exciting to look forward to. Think of all those relatives who've not seen you and how much you've changed...:D
Thanks guys!

SulleyP, thanks for the nice comments :)
I generally lift between 140kg and 170kg depending on the exercise I'm doing (140-150 for bench press and tricep work, 170 for bicep/chest combinations, etc)


The Minis Bad Boy
Are you talking total reps adds up to 170kg? Or single reps?

i.e. 5 reps at 35kg.
1 rep at 170kg


The Minis Bad Boy
****ing hell Pete!!!! I used to lift alot and before I tore my rotor cuff I was only up to 110kg bench. After rehab and all sorts I am down to 55kg. Its embarassing. Legs wise though ;) Weighing so much I can lift quite a bit naturally but I work on it.
lol well I got a lot of natural strength from my Dad, he's a big-build bloke like me, when I started training I was lifting 90-100Kg from the off, it's what keep's me interested and keen at it, I want to see how far I can push myself! :eek:


The Minis Bad Boy
*******. I now dont like you. I hate guys who can bench 100kg without the training.
When i was cheerleading i could bench 90kg, now i can bench 70kg ;)
I swear to you, i cant tell a lie i feel to guilty! me and my bf work out all the time :D but mainly weights cardio dont appeal...guess thats why im not a size 8 haha!! but soon will change ;)

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