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(kinda) OT - Ladies...advice on boobs


I will succeed!!!
Hi -

Two things that grew the more than anything during my weight gain were my boobs. 34B - 36DD(!).

I just wondered which lovely ladies have had a noticable boob loss during their weight loss campaign, and any tips on keeping them as firm as can be (coughs).

I've been moisturising them with bio oil and such to stop any stretch marks forming but they just don't seem as 'good' as they once did.

Sorry to any men who read this and blushed ;) xxx
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oh mine have gone from a 38FF to a 38DD :( gutted, but told the O/H when i get to my target he has to buy me a boob job! lol :) xx


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I've shrunk from a 38DD to a 36 B/C.

As for firming em up.... there's nothing you can do for the actual booby itself, but you can tone up the muscle which supports them thereby lifting them slightly. Press ups are great for this. Personally, I resort to a cracking good bra!!!
Keep getting regularly measured and make sure you have a good bit of uplift!


I will succeed!!!
I think I am one of the few ladies who WANTS their boobs to shrink! I would kill to have my 34Bs back. OH doesn't agree...amazingly enough!

My OH saw one of my old bras the other day and found it amusing ;)


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I couldn't wait for mine to shrink, in fact, I wish I was always a B and not sometimes!! Hates big boobies!! But like yours OH disagrees.....


Slow but sure....
I have only been dieting for a month and I haven't measured my boob's yet, but my bra is definately looser already, so they must be shrinking....
Yeah, sure have and I love it!!! I went from a 36G to a 34 DD....Happy as larry as it now means pretty laced (cheaper) bras, not having to wear 3 sports bras for rugby and no more dog ears!!!

It felt strange 1st off as so many people mentioned how much smaller they were that I felt less womanly, but there are soooooooooo many benfits from it. Men now look me in the eye!!! x
Mine are shrinking slowly which I am thrilled about, being only 5ft tall means big boobs look ridiculous and as they are only fat they shouldnt be huge anyway lol. Mine will be being uplifted once I am at goal.
Don't worry about the boys...they love it when we talk about our boobs! LOL!

Mine were a 36DD and I'm currently around a 34D. A scary bra-measuring lady in M&S was adamant that I should be in 32s, but it literally cut my back in half! I bought it though cos I was scared of the scary lady. I do like it, very pretty bra, and it's starting to fit better now, so if I end up a 32C or D I'll be fine with that.

I quite like having ample boobs, and wouldn't want them to shrink too much...but as long as they're in proportion I am happy. We'll see what happens when I'm at target...then I'll go to somewhere fab like Rigby and Peller and get properly measured!

But as for firming them up - exercise and bust massaging is good (I like the Palmers cocoa butter boob cream) but this will only improve texture and give a teeny bit of lift. Not much we can do about the fullness of the bust unfortunately. Good bra, silicone inserts (I have some good ones from Primarni) and flattering tops :)

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