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King Prawns & Seafood


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I don't eat meat, so I always follow green days. However, I do eat fish, perhaps twice a year, (Pescatarian), so have decided to do a couple of EE days to try and vary my diet a bit. I have to put alot of thought into this, as eating more than a mouthful or two of fish/seafood is a BIG challenge for my head to get round.

I would like to learn to appreciate seafood, as I know it's good for us. I can swallow most things I try, but would love to ENJOY sea fare as I know so many see it as a delicacy. Yesterday I bought fresh, cooked, king prawns, that look fairly inviting ----but I couldn't quite face just 'eating' them. I don't know if it's the thought of the texture, or what. Sorry, I must sound really odd! lol

Sooo, I know I could search for prawn recipes, but I'm really hoping that you lovely peeps could actually recommend a fool proof way of using them that you can't imagine anyone not liking?! I REALLLY want to get 'into' seafood, and look forward to EE days instead of having to mentally psyche myself up for them.

TIA xx
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You could put them in a salad (I have had prawns with rocket and mango, which was lovely), or stir fry them with a little ginger and chilli and a packet of stir-fry vegetables, and serve with some noodles (although I usually get raw prawns for this).

I don't have too many recipes including prawns, because whenever I get a packet of king prawns, I usually eat them as they are the minute I get home! I really love them, and would eat them every day if I could (and if I could afford them!!).

I must admit I can't quite see why you are forcing yourself to eat something that you don't really like! There is such a choice of other food out there.

I am sure other people will have lots of recipes to recommend, and if you have access to the SW website, have a look in the recipe archive.


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i have a brilliant recipe!! i had it for my tea last night and it was delicious!! it does include fish stock, which may/may not be something you would be willing to eat but if not, you could always use veg stock im sure it would still be lovely :)

when i do it it usually serves four, here's quick recipe:

boil your pasta in a pan, in another wok-type pan add two crushed 2 cloves of garlic and fry them off, you can add onion if you wish, make up your fish (or veg) stock and add it to the pan, simmer for a little bit, add some quite big ish chunks of courgette and some chilli flakes, or the kind of spicy seasoning things you can get, and simmer away until the courgette is nearly cooked. then add your prawns in to warm through then take it off the heat and add just over a tbsp of single cream (you could use creme fraiche, low fat yoghurt, anything like that really) just to thicken and lift the sauce a bit and then toss your pasta through the sauce.

its absolutely delicious, i really dont understand how anyone could NOT like it :D prawns with garlic and chilli is a combo made in heaven! xx


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S: 20st5lb C: 20st5lb G: 12st7lb BMI: 53.8 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
Thanks, ladies.
Avisk, I know what you mean, but it's by 'forcing' myself since starting SW that I've discovered a love of foods I could barely bring myself to look at in the past! lol

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