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Kinktoe (KTs) diary

Well hello all. I think i started a diary somewhere else on the forum but went on hols for a few weeks there to good ol' sardinia and just back so re-starting. Had a bit of an upset yest cus I originally lost 2 stone before cmas n got down to a size 16 but completly let myself go since then. I thought for an experiment that id try to get into one of my cmas dresses and see just how much ive put on and i couldnt even get the thing over my hips!! Unbelievable. Guess it makes sense tho. A whole 6 months without dieting. So here we go again. Round 2...
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Day 1, weighed myself. I havent lost any weight in the past few weeks but i guess the upside of that is I havent put on any weight and to be honest I was eating pretty terribly. On the right track now. Had a graze box for breakfast 200cals. Lunch will be something small and dinner will be some wholewheat pasta and sauce. Yum. No snacking in between. Will update later tonight.

I hate sunday nights...work tomoro :( :( :(
So i had today:
graze box 200cals
pasta - 300 cals
pineapple 100
sauce 300
sausages 400
hot choc 50
cake 100

About 1500 cals so happy enuf with today. Bedtime now!

How you getting on KT? Loving your positive outlook :) Aren't you hungry though? x
Hey there iwillsoonbeslim!! Lol im only positive when the diets goin well. Wait n see me if thers a slip up haha!
Thankfully todays gone well-had
yoghurt 100
milk - 100
beefburger (no bap) 300
toast - 200
cereal 200
apple -50

So about 1300. Bit low i know. Gona start eating 3 meals a day with the occasional snack hopefuly. Got my zero noodles order today so wil try them during the week. Scared theyl be rank tho!!

Today: graze box 200
Milk 200
Baked potato plus cheese plus tuna 600
Chocolate bar 400
Orange 50
Apple 50
Kiwi 50

About 1600. Dont feelgreat abt today tho considerin choc bar. Oh well, crap happens.
Later xoxo
2 glasses milk-250
Soup - 200
Total abt 1600

Ngt! Xox
600 calories on butter? Just a little tip, if you use a lot of butter than maybe you should consider a lower fat one or a spread instead? That way you can cut calories which you can use to make your meals bigger
Yeah ur so right happyhealthy. Butter is def my weakness (one of many). Could eat it off a spoon which cannot b healthy!! My poor arteries. Today wasnt too bad tho-
Milk 200
Choc mousse 150
Chicken 200
Yog 100
Crisps 200
Nuts 500
Baked pot 200
Filling 300

About 1800
Not great but not dreadful for a friday.


Slimming down the aisle
Are you sure about the 600 calories on butter? Seems a little high!
Yea i tend to overestimate things rather than underestimate. Tho i did hav a lotta butter that day! Made my soup with it n had it on toast. The way im working the diet is to have the foods i love-as much of them as i want-as long as it totals up to less than 2000 cals. Not the healthiest but tried it before n lost ovr a stone so willing to give it a shot!
Todays tally;
Milk 200
Mousse 150
Fruit 100
Chicken 200
Yog 100
Fruit juice 300
Mince 400
Rice 200

Total:abt 1600cals

Shudhav had water instead of loadsa fruit

Good luck with the weigh in :)


Slimming down the aisle
Are you just estimating everything or are you measuring/weighing things? You can use myfitnesspal to track exactly how many calories you're eating, I use it and it's a great help


Still trying!
2 glasses milk-250
Soup - 200
Total abt 1600

Ngt! Xox
How on earth do you manage on just that? And how much butter are you eating, 1/2 lb at a time??
If you really are serious about doing this, you really should be weighing everything, perhaps you are overestimating some calories.:confused:
Yeah i am definitely overestimating. Was thinking of doing myfitnesspal but dont want to be sticking rigidly to a diet cos il never stick to it if i do. I prefer to take more casual approach. Know i wud lose more if i weighed stuff etc but i think id get fed up really quick. Attention span is awful!!!!
So this wk i lost 1lb. Not great but it is TOTM so cant complain.
Today i ate
Milk 200
Mousse 150
Chicken 300
Yogh 150
Chicken 300
Toast 200
Choc 100

Abt 1400 cals



Slimming down the aisle
You'd be doing exactly what you're doing now, but you'd just weigh and measure first and record it so that you actually know how many calories that you're eating. It's up to you but I know personally, for me, estimating and guessing doesn't work much in the long term.
I agree with Caroline, you'll feel a lot more confident if you know exactly how many calories you're eating. :)
I don't want you to feel like we're pressuring you - if your way is working, then stick with it.

I just want to add that I've never eaten as freely, or lost as much weight as I have since starting on MFP. My biggest ralisation is that CC doesn't have to feel like a 'diet' in any way shape or form. More often than not I have to make a point of eating MORE than I otherwise would....and my lbs are dropping!

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