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Kirstabubble's food diary....mach 2.

Hello everyone.

After a disastrous few months, I am back and sadly a stone and a half heavier. I've enjoyed it all but it's time to get back to target...or at least a new target of 11 stone 13. I have 19lbs to lose to do so, and I'm no rush, so I'm just going to do the best I can. I shan't be going to class as money is a bit tight for me at the moment so I'll be needing all the help I can get. Hope all of you that used to read my old diaries are still here and can forgive me for falling massively off the wagon!

Ill update all my details when I'm on a computer.

Dirty for today - Extra Easy

Breakfast - skinny latte (hex A) and go ahead yoghurt bar (7 syns). Banana.

Lunch - JP with a free filling (TBC) and salad. Diet coke. Small biscuit (2 syns).

Dinner - SW roasties, carrots and broccoli with chicken cooked in Maggi So Juicy (2 syns). Options hot choc (2 syns).

Just realised I am missing a Hex B - not too sure where I will get one in but I shall see what I can do. 13 syns for the day.

Look forward to catching up with some old friends and making some new ones

Kirsty xxx
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Fighting the bulge
Hello lovely lady!!!

You are forgiven for falling off the wagon on the ground that you didnt even have to apologise!!! You are back and that's all that matters. Yes you may have put on a bit but you knew when you were ready to get back here and find us all again to get back on track!

I made it to target and have still been coming on here. Slowly but surely i have put 1 stone back on which i also need to get off. Like you i dont have the money to go to class as i decided to spend it on a gym membership instead!! I only ever use to weigh and run by the end anyway.

How was the first day back yesterday??

Lots of love and hugs xxx
Oh it's good to be back. Was 100% yesterday and even had two pieces of fruit when I got home from work (I genuinely cannot remember the last time I had fruit).

I also just noticed that my iPad changed 'diary' to 'dirty' yesterday, how rude. I also realised I didn't actually do a proper weigh in yesterday, so I did it this morning and I'm 13 stone 2.5lb...but I will keep my weigh day as a Monday, to keep me on track over the weekend.

Right, diary for today (and that's diary, not dirty!). Extra easy again.

Breakfast - skimmed milk (hex a) to use in tea. 2 slices small wholemeal toast (hex b) with low fat spread and honey (4 syns).

Lunch - left over dinner from last night with salad (syns accounted for yesterday), muller light (need to research flavours for syn free ones).

Snacks - banana and two clementines.

Dinner - pasta with tomatoes, chilli, mushrooms, onion, peppers and prawns. If I don't use any other syns in the day, I might have a solero for pud



Fighting the bulge
Food dirty looks good hun haha. I saw that but thort u had just been bad foodwise lol.

Well done for being 100% day one!! It isnt as easy as it sounds!! Ive ordered some prawns on the food shop tonight, you have tempted me and i think i might copy ur dinner!! lol

I have noticed your title too, what is a mach? lol xx
Food dirty looks good hun haha. I saw that but thort u had just been bad foodwise lol.

Well done for being 100% day one!! It isnt as easy as it sounds!! Ive ordered some prawns on the food shop tonight, you have tempted me and i think i might copy ur dinner!! lol

I have noticed your title too, what is a mach? lol xx
Well thought it means like 'upgraded version'. but I think I may well be wrong. You have the GHD Mach 4 (the latest version of them) so I was working on those lines! Haha.

Diary update - I'm having a Maxwell House Latte as we speak (one of the powdered ones), which is 3.5 syns.

Morning all.

Stick to plan again yesterday, hurrah!

Quick update with food for now but will pop along later too.

Wednesday - green

Breakfast - 28g porridge oats (hex b1) with water and splash of milk (hex a1 for milk), cinnamon. Banana.

Snack - latte (3.5 syns)

Lunch - left over pasta (2 syns) with salad and 42g low fat cheese (hex a 2). Activia yoghurt

Snack - fruit of some sort!

Dinner (after aerobics class) - beans on toast (hex b2 for bread).

I'm sure there'll be some more syns in there somewhere!

Morning all

Very tired today after my crazy aerobics class. Got a tennis lesson this evening as well.

Diary for today

Breakfast - 2 x weetabix (hex b) with skimmed milk (hex a) and a nana.

Snack - satsumas

Lunch - veetee rice (1.5 syns) with taco mixed beans from tesco and chicken mixed in. More fruit.

Snack - activia yoghurt

Post tennis dinner - JP with tuna, mushrooms, peppers and onion.

May well have one of my lattes at 3.5 syns. Want to keep to 8 syns today so I can have a couple of glasses of vino tomorrow



Fighting the bulge

Hope your feeling a little less sore now!! Enjoy tennis!! I used to be good at badmington, i havent played anything like that for years!! Sounds fun tho :D xx
Hmmmmmmm diary for today not going so well!

I've already had 5.5 syns as I really fancied some Belvita breakfast biscuits ( 5.5 syns for 2).

Diary for today...shall be Red or Green (depends on Lunch!)

Breakfast - Weetabix (Hex B), skimmed milk (Hex A1), 2 Belvita biccies (why? - 5.5 syns). Banana. Skinny latte on train (Hex A2).

Lunch - I'm tempted by Nando's for lunch which would be red. For Green, I might have the same as yesterday (mexican beans and rice).

Dinner - I think I may end up with curry for dinner which would be Tandoori chicken with Red or prawn curry and boiled rice (Hex B) for Green - I think this is deffo a 'flexi syn' day. I'm with Pesty on the 'probably going off track but trying to keep as on track as possible'.

And then wine. Wine. And maybe some wine!



Fighting the bulge
hey hun!!

Dont worry about the bisuits, they're within syns and sometimes we have to give in to temptation to stop ourselves from completely falling off the wagon!!

All the rest looks good!! Enjoy your wine and avoid hangover munchies tomorrow!!! lol xx
Hello lovely lady :D

How the hell are ya !! Good to see you back missy *big Dizzy hugs*

I only get on here at the weekends at the moment....I'm doggie sitting up at BILs for his loopy staffies while he works away, but he's supposed to be getting the internet sorted for me with a Dongle??:confused: this week.

Diary is looking good hun, Keep up the good work ;) I shall put you on my 'stalk list' again lol x x :D
Wahooooooo dizzy! Glad you found me again. It's taking me a while to get into the swing of minimins again but I've mini stalked you and I've HEARD that you have your ears back! Wahooooooo again!

Weekend didnt go exactly to plan but I wasn't completely horrific, although I did drink rather a lot of wine.

Today will be EE

breakfast - porridge (hex b) with skimmed milk (hex a) and a nana.

Mid morning snack - satsumas

Lunch - prawn stir fry (3 syns for sauce)

Dinner - Vegetable soup with carrots, swede, pots, onions, tomato, peppers, chilli. Activia snackpot.

Got to take little Lola to the vets today...they want to sedate her so they can get swabs from her eyes and throat. I think they're trying to make money out of me so am gonna tell them where to go. Shall update later



Fighting the bulge
Hope you enjoyed your wine at the weekend!!

I was completely off track :( but i am raring to go to get back into it!! Hope you are too!!

Your diary looks nom, soup is perfect for a day like today!!!

I hope Lola is ok!! xx
Lola is all good. Sadly she is a carrier for cat flu, which means when she gets stressed, she gets the sniffles. But she is much better today and she didn't have to have tests done which is a relief.

I had a skinny latte on my way into work so will count that as my Hex A and then extra milk on my cereal is 3 syns. Plus two biscuits which were 5.5 syns means 11.5 syns for today.


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