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Kirstys Diary Kids and freezers do not mix!


Going From Flab to FAB!
:cry: Ok so Im 2 stone heavier than i was this time last summer! ..

Bit of background, I started WW in 2008 and i lost 27lbs fell off the wagon and regained all of it! .. Ive tried getting back on the wagon several times and i just cant do it, I think actually going to a class my friend ran didnt help me much either SO Ive decided i need somthing else for my brain to concentrate on!
I even tried Xenical the last couple of weeks but resented it so much because it ment i couldnt even have bacon or an egg! .. and the whole thing about all of this is not feeling deprived and i WAS majorly!
SO now with sensible head on my fat shoulders Ive decided to give SW a go.

Im not making any promises im not setting any goals! (at the moment:eek:) because i dont want to fail or fall at the 1st hurdle! ..

So 1st weigh in is tonight at 6pm where i get to pick up all the booklets and then baffle myself with science! .. I just know im going to be counting things in my head and im sure it takes a while to get out of one frame of mind into another! ...

I would so love to make some new friends on here I already know a few of you from the WW board so hope you guys dont mind me being here .....

Heres to a new week
(starting tomorow mornings)
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Trying again!!!
Hi Kirsty and welcome! SW is great, it really doesn't feel like you are on a diet! Good luck for tonight and looking forward to hearing how you get on xx
Hi Kirsty,
Great to have my old ww buddy back. We can help each other like the old days on ww.
Here we go to a re start on Wednesday.
Good luck, if you need me please just shout x
Hello and best of luck, I'm sure you'll love this plan and will not feel deprived :)
Hi Kirsty, I too lost 2 stone on WW last summer but have put it all back on:sigh:. I have done slimming world before (after my children) and lost 3 stone so I know it works. Good luck and once you get into it its a great eating plane.

Good luck.
Hi Kirsty

I have done a similar thing to you, fallen off the wagon time and time again so much so that I've put on all 3 stone that I originally lost at SW 4 years ago....so I am back to start it all again.

I'm in week 2 now and am struggling a little bit to be honest so need some new friends to get support :D

I feel so bad that I let my good work previously go to waste, I hope I can get there again.

I've tried many crash diets in between SW attempts but none work really so here's to 2nd time round.

Let us know how you go on, good luck!
Lou xx


Going From Flab to FAB!
Thanks so much for the replies, It is so hard isnt it and i know none of us are pefect, and the great thing about this site is the fact that there IS always somone who knows! .....
and has been there done that which is great! ...

Im just about to go sort out the kids tea and get myself physced up for this evenings lard fest! .... the good thing about doing SW is that when i do red or EE there is a fantastic butcher up on the corner so i know i can go there to get a fix lol .... :)

Lou how come your struggling?


Going From Flab to FAB!
Morning :) .. well i ballsed up last night! ... Got to my group at 5.55pm thought it would be good to be a little early, sat in my car looked around no other cars there! .. so i rang home and got my eldest to check the time on the lappy! ....:eek::sigh::rolleyes: ...
"umm yeah it starts at 7pm mum" arrgg what a complete plum! ...

So went home got lil man ready for bed thought ok ill set off at 6.50 OH should be home by then but nope! .. no answer on his moby either! so when he turned up at 7.10 and announced he was changing the fuel pump on the car it kinda scuppered my plans !
SO i am joining a different class tonight !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Only me could do somthing so plummish!
Good luck tonight Kirsty....
I will be waiting to here how you get on. You can always go to the Tuesday one next week if suits you better xx


Going From Flab to FAB!
Last night went well, it was the same leader as when i went before over 2 yrs ago, so whether that will turn out to be a good thing or not i dont know! lol
Im going to add my days menu to the section just incase i make a boob hopefully somone can pick me up on it :) ...

Im feeling hopeful and flabby! lol nice combo aye! .. i was bang on 14stone last night which means im 8lbs lighter than when i started ww in jan 08 .... want a stone off as soon as ! lol ... dont want much i know! ......................

Have a green day today :)
I'm struggling because i'm just me, need to sort myself out and have a bit of willpower (at the moment my weekend willpower is zero!)

This week I am hoping I can stick to this, no I will stick to this and see what the next weigh in brings :D


Going From Flab to FAB!
Ok .. Morning :)
so i think yesterday went ok, i ate my HEs ... i had a few syns but not over my limit and i wasnt hungry! .. so thats got to be a good thing :)

I think im off cleaning this mornin so thats a few more calories to be burnt, and then the shopping is being delivered! and this weeks list was lots of veggies and fruit on it :) .. so lots of choice yummy ...
Im feeling positive and happy today, lets hope it lasts xx


Going From Flab to FAB!
Morning :) ...
Sorry i dont really get around much at weekends cos Marks home from work and we do family stuff ..It was tricky food wise as we spent both dinner times at his mums but i counted everything i ate in my syns ... ive done them weekly so if i go over it means i can save n other days :) ..
I tried those free pancakes last night and i have to say WOWOWOW How Yummy are they!?!?!?! .. I had mine with necterine, grapes, strawbs and nana with some VLF Yog .. and it was devine! .. i ate two! .lol ...
Tonight im trying the cheesy pots as i didnt have time last week so we are having that with chicken peices and Quorn chick fillet for me :) ..
Im thinking of going to the class i wanted to go to last week but got the times mixed up along with the car being a pest, not sure it would be ok for me to do this as only been at new class for my first time!?!?! ...

anyone know anything about this ?


Going From Flab to FAB!
Another good day under my belt, altho i made a boob with the chicken we had last night! ..... i added it cooked it and then thought oh bum! .. i was having a green day so i syned it! .. thankfully ive had enough syns! ...
W.I tonight! .. its a day early and different scales so unsure how it will go but i am going to see this as week 1 as its the group i originally wanted to go to! ...
so we will see! ... cleaning this morning and then my little man J is off to big school for the afternoon ! ........ how scary to think he starts big school in sept! ... Ive also managed to pick up another cleaning job! .. 6 hrs a week at a 5 bed house! ....

have a lovely day everyone x
Hope you have another good day - it takes a bit to master the eating plan, but worth the effort.
Good Morning Hun,
Well done on a good week,im sure you will get a good result you deserve tonight.
Great news about a new cleaning job.
Hope Jake has a good afternoon. x

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