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Kirsty's food diary

Hi all, it was my first day on SW yesterday and it would really help me to write a food diary (as I AM prone to picking up naughty things like biscuits and putting them in my mouth! lol.)

So here goes....

Breakfast - 2 poached eggs with 2 slices of toasted Nimble wholemeal bread (HEB), cup of tea with drop of milk (HEA)

Mid morning snack - banana

Lunch - homemade pumpkin curry with wholemeal rice (from a SW magazine recipe)

Afternoon snack - 2 x ryvitas (HEB) spread thinly with houmous (2 syns), 1 banana, 1 cup of tea with milk (HEA)

Tea (as we call it up Norf, dinner to the southerners!) - 1 very small vegetable pizza (about 11 syns i think), diet pepsi (is this free??)
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Today's diary entry...

Breakfast - 2 eggs fried in frylight and 2 slice of toasted nimble wholemeal bread (HEB), 1 cup of tea with drop of milk (HEA)

Mid-morning snack - banana

Lunch - 2 small baked potatoes with beans in tomato sauce and 1 small bit of cheese (HEA)

Afternoon snack will be a nectarine

Tea (Dinner) will be SW chips with egg and beans, yummy!
Yes I went to my first class on Wednesday evening and really enjoyed it. And I think the added pressure of having to announce your loss/gain to the class will really encourage me to do well! Good luck and maybe we could keep in touch and give each other support seeing as we are starting at the same time. :)
Hi all, I don't have access to a computer at the weekend so I won't be posting my weekend food (I promise it was all good!) so here is this weeks diary entry:

Monday - Green

Two slices nimble wholemeal bread (HEB) with small scraping of reduced fat houmous (2.5 syns), 1 cup of tea with a drop of milk (HEA)

Mid-morning snack - 2 Alpen light bars (HEB)

Lunch - big bowl of wholemeal pasta with lots of onions, garlic, peppers and tomatoes in and one muller light yoghurt

Mid afternoon snack - alpen light bar (syn but not sure how many)

Tea - omlette with bit of cheese (HEA) and two baked sweet potatoes

Snack - 1 cake bar (guessing at 5 syns), cup of tea with drop of milk (HEA)
Tuesday - going for a red day today to see if it will solve my wind problem :eek:

Breakfast - bacon, mushrooms and frylight "fried" egg, with cup of tea with a drop of milk (HEA)

Mid morning snack - grapes, cup of tea with drop of milk (HEA)

Lunch - I have a BLT made with 2 slices of nimble wholemeal bread, bacon, lettuce, tomatoes and a scraping of quark (my pretend mayo lol!)

mid afternoon snacks will be 2 x alpen bars, maybe some grapes

Tea - 1 pork chop, 1 beef steak, lots of carrots and brocolli, few haricot beans with garlic and lemon juice
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Wednesday (another red day)

Breakfast - 2 slices of bacon, cup of tea with 1 drop of milk (HEA)

Mid morning snack - Muller Light, banana

Lunch - I have made a sandwich with 2 slices of WW wholemeal bread (HEB), 2 slices of bacon, few cubes of chicken breast, quark mixed with 1 tsp light mayo (1 syn), lettuce
2 x alpen light bars (HEB)
1 x muller light yoghurt

Tea - SW quiche and a baked apple topped with muller light
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wohoo lost 2.5 lbs last night so that has definitely spurred me on and I just wanna keep losing!
Thursday - green day

Breakfast - not really in the mood for breakfast this morning so had cup of tea with 1 x alpen light (HEB)

I am just snacking on a packet of Special K chocolate mini breaks (5 syns) that I won at class last night mmmmm delish!

For lunch I have brought SW syn free quiche and also 1 jacket potato with some beans

Afternoon snacks: 1 x alpen light (HEB)
few grapes
Just had some more quiche and another packet of special K mini bites

Tea - potato wedges with a quark and garlic dip
1 x fun size timeout (6 syns)
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Just follow the plan
Well done Kirsty, looking good!
Thanks Flipflop, just updated it actually. It's amazing how you eat something without realising you just have isn't it. I could have so easily forgot to put it down in this diary!
Friday - green day

Breakfast -didn't feel like much today so had 2 slices of toast (WW wholemeal) (HEB) with little bit of Flora light margarine (1 syn), cup of tea with drop of milk (HEA)

1 x alpen light bar
2 (small) bananas

Lunch - SW quiche (think I'm addicted to this) and lots of beans

Just spoken to OH and he asked "can you make me one of your diet meals for tea" you have to laugh don't you! So...
For tea - vegetable stir-fry with low fat noodles and Blue Dragon Sweet Chilli and Garlic sauce (10.5 syns for a packet so will probably have half = 6 syns)
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Had a bit of a bad weekend drink wise but managed to stay OK food wise. Lots and lots of Apple Sourz shots and wine :eek:
As I have said before, I am not going to post what I had at the weekend just because I can't remember everything lol. I was very good foodwise, even on Sunday when I was hungover and craving fast food!

Monday - fresh start - Green day

Two slice of WW wholemeal bread (HEB)with scraping of flora light (1 syn)
1 x Alpen light bar (HEB)

1 bag of Caramel Snack a Jacks - thought they were about 4 syns but just checked and they are 7 argggh

Lunch is a baked potato with beans - had Asda's own low sugar beans and they were disgusting :-(

1 apple and 1 muller light yoghurt (just had the strawberry one for the first time and yummmmmy!)
1 bag of Ryvita minis - 5syns (wish I hadn't bothered though!)

Tea will be mashed potato with Quorn sausages and veg.
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Tuesday - another green day

Breakfast - 1 toasted slice of wholemeal bread (from an 800g loaf) HEB with mushrooms fried in Frylight

Snack - packet of Cadbury buttons (kindly bought by a colleague of mine! 4 syns)

1 alpen light bar (HEB)

Lunch will be Chickpea Dahl and brown rice - mmm this was very nice

kiwi fruit
alpen light (HEB)
Muller Light Strawberry (my new favourite)
1 bag of salt and vinager snack a jacks (6 syns)

Tea was 3 quorn sausages, mushrooms, beans and 1 slice of wholemeal bread (from an 800g loaf = 4 syns) and beans, bit of brown sauce (1 syn)
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Wednesday - WI day - green day

Breakfast - mushroom omelette

1 banana

Lunch - more eggs (scrambled this time) and mushrooms, 1 slice of wholemeal bread (HEB)

1 and a half alpen lights - just dropped half in my brew - reminds me of that Peter Kay gag "muuuuuuuuuum quuuuuuick geeeet aaaa spooooon, meeee biscuiiiits feeell iiiinn meeee breeeeeew" lmao (HEB)

Just had a mugshot sweet and sour, I heard someone talking about them on here and had to have 1!

Lost 1 and a half lbs at WI so I treated myself to steak, carrots and boiled potatoes mixed with stilton cheese yummmmeee!
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Just follow the plan
Add some garlic salt to the mushrooms, its lush.

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