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Kirsty's ww diary - I'm Back!! :)


just looking for some support and motivation really! It would be really nice to have someone to chat to for sharing ideas etc. :)

Anyone around about the same weight as me on weight watchers? I'm 15stone 4lbs and hopefully wana get down to 12 stone something by October. I know I am being a bit ambitious with my goal, but hopefully with a lot of effort and exercise I can do it! :)

Just thought it would be nice to have someone to talk to who is going through the same journey as me! :D:D

Kirsty xx
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hello and welcome to the ww section. Good luck with your journey.

think we have similar amounts to go, i have done ww for a couple of years but have put much of what i've lost back on. Although i'm on the ww section i am actually calorie counting at the moment as i felt i needed a change but kept my diary here because everyone is sooo friendly. you will get loads of help and support.
once again good luck


Hiya Chucks!!
Morning and :welcome: to the friendly WW section.
I agree start yourself a diary and then we can all visit.
Good luck with your weightloss journey.:)
Good morning and welcome to our little corner of the world
change the title of this thread and make it become your diary
you will get loads of help and support that way

also read a few other diaries and post away on those - and again welcome to our little corner
really lovely to have you here :):)

H xx


Going From Flab to FAB!
Morning :) Just wanted to welcome you onboard, I agree it is great to have a diary on here you get lots of visitors and support :) ..

Im 14 stone and want to get to around 11-12 soooo happy to be a buddy :)

Thanks everyone so nice of you all! I started a diary this week but am sort of doing the weight watchers and Alli at the same time as my goal is so ambitious I'm hoping that taking the tablets will help me lose an extra pound or so a week!

Anyone got any good tips/advice?

So lovely of you all to welcome me!

Kirsty xx :)


Going From Flab to FAB!
Hi Kirsty, Just thought id pop in to see how your day went yesterday ? ...
Hope your ok x
Hi Kirsty! I'm new to the site too and have a similar goal to you, started 3 weeks ago at 15 st 10.5 lb, down to 15 now but would like to be 12 something too!! It's my 24th birthday in a few weeks would love to have a stone off for then!!
That's great, we can keep eachother motivated! lol

I have 8 more weigh ins until my mother in law's birthday party and I wana be 12 something. I am currently 15st 4lbs lol

I am being really tough on myself as I am on the Alli tablets as well so no cheating or I will pay for it with the side effects! lol

You should add to your signature your weekly weight-loss and that way we can keep a track and help eachother :)

Kirsty xx
Hi Kirsty, Just thought id pop in to see how your day went yesterday ? ...
Hope your ok x
Hey! That's so nice of you, thanks!

Well I actually had a bit of a bad day yesterday lol - mostly pure boredom! I went Asda shopping with my mother in law and bought those white and pink mallow wafers you get 'cause I heard they are only 1/2 a point each. I bought a pack of 6 and ended up eating 4! lol how bad is that!

Here's my diary from yesterday:

Bran flakes (1.5), Milk (0.5)

Apple (0.5)

2 slice brown bread (3) on
ww thousand island tuna (1) mmm with
lettuce and cucumber
2 pink and white mallows (1)
ww toffee yogurt (0.5) - pure greediness!

30 odd mins on bike
30 odd mins on cross trainer
3 sets of 20 sit ups

ww spaghetti meal (5)
ww garlic bread (3.5) yum yum!
1 pink n white mallow (0.5)
ww vanilla yogurt (0.5) - again more greed!

1 pink n white mallow (0.5) - greediness and boredom! why did i do it? :confused: lol

Last edited:


Green tea advocate!!
Hiya Kirsty, you're doing a great job! Only hope i can achieve the same over the next couple of weeks! I have quite a bit more than you to loose but i'm pretty determined this time. I lost two stone on WW a couple of years ago (but put it all back on!! and more!!). I'm probably going to be on here quite regularly as i know it will keep me motivated!! :)

Don't worry about those wafers! You're well within your points limit anyway :)
Thanks Becky,

I know, I'm addicted to this web site it's really helping me keep focused!

I'm hoping to get down to 14 stone 13 next week that way I will have two stone to lose for the party.

Yeah ww does work as I done it last year and lost 3st, put on one stone since then (that was last July).

So when is your weigh-in day?

Kirsty xx


Green tea advocate!!
Hiya Kirtsy, i'm exactly the same - it's really keeping me focussed coming on here. My weigh-in day is Wednesday, im really excited about my first weigh-in next week! Can't wait for those pounds to start falling off.
I've never been thin in my life and tbh i don't think i will ever be a size 8 (it wouldn't really suit me - i think my bodyshape is meant to be quite curvy) but to drop a good few stones would make my life so much easier!!
When are you trying to reach your target by? x
I know, I've never been skinny either, well when I was 16 I was a size 12 but then my weight just escalated from there. I'm now 22yrs and seriously need to do something as it's just getting me down. I used to eat for comfort etc and when I was stressed, but now I've realised there are better ways to control my emotions and more important things in life than food! :)

It is my mother in law's 50th party on 2nd October so hopefully if I get to 14 stone something on Tuesday (which means losing 5lb this week) I have calculated I will have 7 weeks to lose 2 stone (2lb a week). Thereafter I can take my time and slowly get down to a healthy weight (10st 6).

Well good luck Becky! Weight watchers is such a good diet and all you have to do is stick to your daily points and the pounds WILL drop off you!

Kirsty xx


Green tea advocate!!
That sounds like a really good target and achievable!! :)

Is your other-half supportive? My boyf is very good but he's a complete chocoholic and loves his fatty food (doesn't put a pound on mind!!) he lives of a diet of chocolate, pizza and pasties and is the picture of perfect health - it's soo unfair!

Thanks for the support anyway - i know where to come now if i feel dis-heartened, or just need a kick up the bum! :)

Bex x
God your bf is soo lucky! I hate that! lol :p

Yeah, David, he is really supportive with me!
He lost 3 stone by healthy eating and going to the gym and is looking great, I think that's also what gave me the kick up the bum I needed! lol

Well no doubt I'll be here if you need someone to talk to lol I'm on everyday just now! hee hee

This weekend is going to be so hard for me! I'm not having any alcohol at all because of the Alli tablets I don't want the side effects! lol. I love having a wee drink at the weekend too! :( lol

Kirsty xx


Green tea advocate!!
Ah, i really sympathise with you on that! I was on Xenical for ages and in the end i couldn't deal with the headaches so i came off it - didn't do anythin for my weight loss at all, just made me feel constantly rough - hows it working out for you? I hope you haven't encountered any of the reeeaally unpleasant side effects yet!

Surely if you stuck to the less sugary and 'calorific' drinks you'd be okay? I'm out on the pop tonight and i think i'm going to put down the wine down and drink Vodka and Diet Coke instead as i understand thats only half a point :)

Your other half did soooo well to loose 3st - he must completely understand what your going through! I'm sure Ben (my boyf) will continue to indulge in takeaways and chocolate - still i'm making him eat my WW meals on an evening! hehe!!

Well I started on Alli on Monday and had no side effects whatsoever except on Tuesday night I started to feel really dizzy and sick but I think that might have been because we had visitors and didn't have dinner until about 8pm that night. So we'll see on Tuesday if it's helped or not lol. I hope so!! :D

Yeah I usually stick to voddie and diet juice but I just know if I have one or two I will want to keep on going! ha ha. It is 1 point per pub measure with diet juice. I really need to buy a pub measure for the house, I think I always pour far too much in!

Kirsty xx
Hey I think you have to post a certain amount before you can add more to your signature so just keep posting that's what I done and eventually you can add more to your signature.

People like that are soo lucky it's so unfair!! lol

Kirsty xx
Hey all! well had a good night last night and did not touch any alcohol at all, how good am I?
Woke up feeling great this morning! I just hope my willpower can last tonight!:D

Kirsty xx

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