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Kissme have you lost weight??

Lol sat at my desk.... bored.... bit of a headache... thinking of mince pies:D which i musnt have :sigh: and the dog warden comes up to me and says " Sarah-lou have you lost weight?" ping my eyes went wide and i told her i lost 7lb over the last 2 weeks with slimming world!! hehe i was so proud to tell her! "you have definatly lost weight on your face and you look really healthy" and im so glad someone noticed (i lost 2 stone before with reductil and no one noticed):D just another 9 stone to go!

I was surprised she had noticed as it is only a small loss compared to what i have to lose :D made my day!!

Off home now!!
See you soonies
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It's a great motivator when others notice, isn't it? Congratulations on the weight loss and for only thinking of the mince pies and not actually having one :)
thats so nice ive lost 11lbs and i cant tell and no ones commented yet its a little depressing but i also have lots to lose


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If you see the same people often it can take a while for them to notice, I'm sure they will soon! :)
You are right.. it may take a while before they do. Some people just take longer to notice.

I regularly go to our little corner shop, and just today the owner asked me if I've lost weight. I said yes, almost 2 stone and he said he can see it in my face and neck!
Would rather if people mentioned my shrinking tum, bum and thunder thighs ;)
but all compliments are well received!
Good for you, what a boost!
I've noticed a lot of people are embarrassed to say anything, they say things like 'you look well' instead. I'm sure they think we'll be offended if they say we've lost weight because it suggests they thought we were too fat before, does that make sense? :p
I found people started commenting once I changed the clothes I was wearing. Until then, I was still wearing my big clothes and they probably just covered up any improvement in my figure!

And the good thing is, once the weight was coming off, I was willing to wear more fitted clothes, and then even more people commented - it's great once it starts!


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That's fab Kissme!! There's no better feeling!! People have started noticing mine just this past week and I am loving the attention!! I'm a typical Aries! Apparently we thrive on getting compliments! Keep going! I know you will because you are so motivated, plus you are on Minimins a lot and the support and banter between fellow users helps a lot I'm sure of it!!X


Never gets tired of SW!
Oh yes and I agree Loopylou that my skin has improved so much since eating lots of fruit n veg!! I also used to have loads of zits at the top of my back and it's now much clearer!! X
hello lovelies! yeah was a great boost! altho i feel a bit weird tho cos iv only lost 7lb and i got tons too loose i cant notice any difference lol maybe she caught me breathing in or i look less fat than last time she saw me lolol
Hey Kissme! Don't downplay your compliment! Use it to motivate you to keep going!

A couple of people have noticed my weightloss at work just this week. When one lady asked if I'd lost weight and I answered 'yes', another lady said she thought I had too but didn't like to say (just like mumoftwo mentioned they probably thought I'd be offended!). Now it's an additional motivation to do well because every week they ask how I got on at WI! :D

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