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Kitchen gadgets!


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I love kitchen gadgets and equipment and I have just been browsing the Lakeland website for something new and shiny!!!

I recently bought a microwave chip maker (which I haven't used yet) and converted to silicone baking pans etc, which are fab. I've also just ordered a pineapple peeler and corer after seeing a thread on here!

My best buy in recent times though, was a kenwood mini chopper, which I use all the time for onions, herbs, breadcrumbs etc. It's really small, so fits in the cupboard easily and saves loads of time (and tears from chopping onions!)

So, what kitchen gadgets do you own that you find really useful? And, conversely, what have you bought that hasn't been worth it?
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I have to try and stop myself from buying kitchen gadgets as I have so many! I am about to start the cambridge diet so I haven't even looked at any new gadgets in the shops this week.
My last purchase for the kitchen was a small frying pan with a special non stick surface. Got it as ideal for cooking for one person.
My favourite gadget is my stick blender with different attachments.
The one I hardly use is an ice cream maker, only have it as it was a gift. I don't want to make it easier for me to have access to ice cream so it stays in the cupboard.
Silliest gadget I have is a silicone tube to get garlic skin off cloves, its probably a bit pointless but if I don't use it I can never seem to get the garlic smell off hands so it does come in handy.
Interested to see what other people have so I like this thread
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Hi there

My fave thing has to be my remokas.... I LOVE them ...ooohhh my tagine (anything le creuset really)--probably a bit big to be called gadgets oooh and my electric mincer/sausage machine... syn free sausages :D
The one thing I do have that I love but that hasn't been out of the cupboard for ages is an electric pasta maker -you throw the ingredients in and attatch the right disk for what kind of pasta you want and switch it on and it makes and extrudes pasta :p
Miss-r -to get rid of the garlic smell -always wash in cold water (same with fish too) and daft as it sounds -rub your hands on the empty sink/draining board -the smell goes.. I used to have a metal "bar of soap" that did the same thing ;)
i want want want an Actifry - :(

i have a george healthy grill, a handblender and a crock pot - love them all - thats about it really! oh and a smoothie maker gathering dust in the cupboard!!!! x


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I bought a juicer that never got used because I prefer just straight orange or apple and you can get that in bottles, so I gave it away to a friend who now uses it endlessly!

Bought a george foreman grill that sat unused for 2 years but is gradually getting more use!

Best gadgets are...

1 - Electric steamer, best thing ever, no standing over pots, you just leave it to do its job (I'm a VERY lazy cook lol!)
2 - Food processor, it;s a good model so it whips, slices veg, grates cheese and also has a blender attachment, would be lost without it!
3 - Wonder whisk Wonder Whisks (as used by Delia) - Lakeland, the home of creative kitchenware
Really useful, I use it to mix all sorts of things - eggs, soup, instant mash etc, works so well in a small container.


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I want an Actifry too EB :D Infact, I've just decided to buy myself one as a 'prize' for losing 4 stone.................I've just got to lose it now! :giggle:

I can't pick my fave gadget, not that I have many really, but I luvs mi pinapple peeler/corer thingy.......and my steamer.......and my George Foreman.......and my slow cooker........and my kenwood food processor......and my bread maker (I don't even eat bread, but I still make it :D)......and I've got an ice cream maker winging it's way to me, that I bought today after re-reading the syn free ice cream thread :eek::8855:

Can't think of anymore, but the least used gadget is a rice cooker I got as a present :confused: How anyone can actually 'need' one of those is totally beyond me :D lol


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i have a couple

my garlic peeler and plate which get used nearly every day. I use it for ginger stems, nutmeg basically anything that is rough. I also use it for lemon / lime rinds just pop them in the freezer for 15mins to harden the skin.

and my bullet whisk which is simular to a liquidizer but on a smaller scale


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OMG I want an actifry too now I know what it is!

But I have soooo many gadgets and a tiny kitchen, mind you I will be getting it redone at some point so maybe when I do, I'll have room...


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#lesserme - I have one of those garlic peelers and plate/brush, there great arent they, especially for ginger, much easier than a grater, and way easier to clean than a convensioal garlic crusher.
I have a hand blender for sauces etc. food processor in use quite a lot and the geroge lean mean fat grilling machine.


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OO I have lots of kitchen gadgets. I'd say my top 3 are:

1 Bamix, which is a hand held blender which comes with lots of different blades for sauces and a grinding mill (which I use all the time to blend my curry spices and make breadcrumbs)

2 Food processor to blitz up veggies when i'm feeling lazy and can't be bothered to hand chop them

3 Icecream maker. I know i'm doing s/w but by putting mullerlights and fresh fruit through it makes the best frozen yoghurt/icecream and all syn free


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As syn free chips is one of my favourite SW meals, I can't be without my Lakeland potato chipper!


Pea on legs!
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Oh yeah, I love my slow cooker and my george foreman grill too!

Capricorn, you've mentioned remoskas before, so I looked them up on Lakeland's website - they look good, but a bit pricey at the moment!

I have never fancied an ice cream maker, or a bread maker, but I do have a chocolate fountain which I bought about 5 years ago and have never used!!!

I think I might indulge in an electric steamer soon. Also Bev, a friend of mine has a rice cooker and it does make lovely rice - although it seems a bit indulgent to have a special machine just to cook rice!!

Those wonder whisks look really cute Jesca! And the potato chipper sounds worth a peek too!


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If you have a steamer with a rice tray then you won't need a rice cooker as well so they're a good investment, you can steam more than just veg in them too, you can do fish, chicken, pasta, puddings, rice....

I got this one when it was half price a few weeks back

Buy Russell Hobbs 3 Tier Steamer. at Argos.co.uk - Your Online Shop for .

Keep an eye on it because the current price is only valid for 4 more days so it might be going back down!


Pea on legs!
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Thanks Jesca - I have put that Argos page on my favourites list and will have a look after the 24th!


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The best one by far is my Actifry. I use it all the time & it's worth every penny I paid for it.

The worst thing is a battery powered potato peeler. What a crock of poo!!! I only bought it because it was reduced from £20 to £5, but it's a total waste of time. It takes the tiniest bit of peel off so you're there for ages with this vibrating peeling thing trying to get one spud done. It's quicker to do it manually! Needless to say don't waste your money on one, I've used mine once & it's gone back in the drawer.


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I love kitchen gadgets and would have more except the kitchen is tiny in our flat and money constraints. My fave thing is my hand blender - soups and baby food are made from my fair hand.
Most pointless has been the smoothie maker, wish I had put my foot down with DH and bought a food mixer instead...grr!


Pea on legs!
S: 16st13lb C: 10st13lb G: 10st12lb BMI: 25.9 Loss: 6st0lb(35.44%)
Mmm, I suppose a smoothie maker's not great on SW is it?!

My pineapple corer arrived this morning (wow! really quick, only ordered it off ebay yesterday!) so I'm off to buy a pineapple this afternoon to try it out!


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I wouldn't be without my Chinese cleaver, haven't heard a peep from OH since I got it :rolleyes:

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