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Kitchen Utensils

Andy R.

Time for a change
As some of u may or may not know or even care for that matter lol. I recently moved into a new flat after a break up with my GF (boohoo me lol). well anyways she kept pretty much everything. I'm pretty much settled now and feeling like i want to start cooking my own meals again, thanks heavens for jacket potatos and pasta n sauces, been pretty much living off them for the last couple of weeks. So If u fine people could recommend some decent stuff to get me on my way, it would be of a great help. ive bought a cassarole dish and some pans. one thing i know i do need is a garlic crusher. other then that im a bit stumped. I am a man after all lol
Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.
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Grater, Set of Knives, Spatula, Couple of wooden spoons. Set of measuring cups and scales.
That should get you started :)


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Have you got a Home Bargains in Hull? They usually have loads of kitcheny gadgets - good prices too. Failing that Poundland - silicon baking trays and microwave cooking things :)

*is a bargain hunter* :D
Potato masher....and a wooden spoon for beating some sense into the ex!!! How can she live without a man who is willing to cook?!!!


loves food and cooking
adding to above - measuring spoons - how else do we accurately measure 1tbsp / 1 tsp of anything? Digital scales. re-usable (silicone?) baking sheet - never use oil again. Oft available in pound shops.


Starting Again!
Tesco are doing this 50 piece Kitchen Started Set:

Included in this set are 16cm, 18cm and 20cm saucepans, 24cm frying pan, 6 bottle wine rack, 6 piece utensil set including rack and colander. The set also has a 16 piece cutlery set, cutlery tray, splatter guard, 6 piece knife set, chopping board 29x19.5cm, 5 piece gadget set including peeler, pizza cutter, can opener and corkscrew, bottle opener, kitchen timer, scissors, 2 egg cups and 4 food storage boxes


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Good knives are a MUST! (I don't do cheap anymore, they end up costing more in the long run)I use my chinese cleaver for nearly everything! Lakeland do good knives on a 3 for 2 offer. And silicon bakeware is wonderful, no need for greasing, even with frylight! And I wouldn't be without my non-stick wok. (or my slow cooker)

Andy R.

Time for a change
wow thanks for all the advice. What i lik about this place always someone lending a hand. i already got digital scales and measuring cups, cos i know how important all that stuff is. I'll def check out that tescos starter kit. and i'll be dropping by BM. i saw some silicone baking trays in there before. they look like fun lol. I'll let the ex know what u said lol.


Finding inspiration
A cutting board!! Get a decent sized cutting board. It's essential!

And I agree about knives... don't go cheap. One good knife is worth a whole set of cheap ones.

A covered casserole dish is good too. You can put stews in them and cook them really slowly in the oven on a low heat.


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A bottle opener is a definate must...a cork screw of course...and a few wine glasses.
I am sure you will be doing plenty of entertaining in the near future...especially when all the ladies find out you're newly single.:p


Slow but sure....
Has anyone mentioned a potato peeler, thats a must in every good kitchen I think, and maybe a small balloon whisk they are very useful too.

Andy R.

Time for a change
hey thanks for all this, i managed to pick some stuff up at the weekend, but i'll probaly hunt down some room this week. looking forward to getting stuck into some cooking :)
Aww poor you here have a big hug :gen126:

Slow cooker is always a good thing to have handy in the kitchen, not really a utensil though .... :)

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