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Discover KittieB's food diary :)

Hello everyone! :)

I have been on and off diets for a very long time, but have now had enough and really want to do this for good! I plan to stick to weight watchers as I know it works for me, counting points really helps me measure what I eat and I love how I can still have a treat every now and again!

I want to lose 4 stone and ideally would like to do this in the next 12 months. This works out as just over 1lb a week. In one years time, I will be graduating from university and starting shopping for my wedding dress. So I have lots to motivate me :)

I'm also going to go swimming regularly and I will keep a track of how much I'm doing. I'm not going to go to meetings, I will just use my points calculator, books and buy the magazine. I'm going to try and eat the majority of my points allowance (26) as I feel this is where I have gone wrong before. Eating my full allowance will be a lot easier for me to maintain over the next year.

I will weigh in on Saturday mornings and allow myself a treat on Saturdays. So, here it goes...! :)
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Today I went shopping with my aunty and cousin and ended up eating lunch in Spudulike. I decided on the tuna mayo jacket potato and have pointed it at 8, although I know it could have been more or less.

I went food shopping this evening so didn’t really have time to cook anything. I had a “lighter choices” ham and mushroom tagliatelle, it was soo nice and very very filling! I will definitely be having it again.

2 shredded wheats - 2
Milk - 0.5
1 slice of wholmeal toast - 1.5

Jacket potato - 4
Tuna, sweetcorn + mayo - 4
Drink - 2

Wotsits - 1.5

"Lighter choices" ham and mushroom tagliatelle - 6.5
1 slice of "lighter choices" garlic bread - 1.5
Muller yoghurt - 1.5

Total - 25/26
I feel like I've eaten loads today!! This is a lot more than what I usually eat on a diet so I hope I still lose. I tried the "Chicken and Pesto" recipe that I found on this website, it was sooo nice and very filling. Will definitely be having it again!


Porridge - 1.5
Milk - 1
Wholemeal muffin - 2
Butter - 0.5

Small jacket potato - 2.5
Tuna - 1
Light mayo - 1
Tinned peaches - 1.5

Wotsits - 2

Chicken and pesto - 6
40g Rice - 3
Brocolli - 0
Raspberry and cranberry yoghurt - 1.5

Total: 23.5/26

So far 3.5 points saved for a treat :)

Exercise: 1 hour swimming. Usually when I go swimming, I just do breast stroke, today I did 2x breast stroke, 2x back stroke and 2x front crawl and just kept repeating this :) I love swimming, it really helps me with stress
Today I went very slightly over on my points, I had 27/26. At work I won a bet and they gave me a yorkie bar as a prize. I was good and only had 2 squares and gave the rest to my OH, but when I got home and worked out the points, 2 squares of yorkie = 4 points!!! I did have 3.5 points saved up so i'm not too worried :)


Porridge and milk 2.5
Wholemeal muffin and butter 2.5

Egg mayo sandwhich 6
Wotsits 2
Yoghurt 1.5

Small milky way 2
2 squares of yorkie 4!!!!!

Mince 5
Passata and veg 0
Salad 0
Peaches 1.5

Total: 27/26

So 2.5 points saved for a treat :)

I'm hoping to go swimming tomorrow morning before work :)


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hi,...you sound like you are really focussed...will be following your journey...im on discover too and love it! Best of luck :)
Thank you :) I've read some of your diary, you've done so well with all the weight you've lost! Discover has always worked for me and I have all of the books/calculator etc, it would have been difficult to start propoints.


Porridge and milk 2.5
Wholemeal muffin and butter 2.5

Salad - 0
Ham - 0.5
Boiled egg - 1.5
Jacket potato - 4
Butter - 0.5
Yoghurt - 1.5

Cereal bar - 2

2 egg omlette - 3
Onion, tomatoes - 0
2x waffles - 4
Weight watchers cheese - 1
Yoghurt - 2

Total: 25/26

Excercise: I went for a 1 hour swim before work this morning :)


Journey to a healthier me
Hey hun :) Welcome to mini mins!! Hope you're doing great so far. Your menu's look yummy! Keep it up and shout for help if you need it xx
Hey, thank you :) you are doing brilliantly as well!

I've got my first weigh in tomorrow morning, i'm not expecting a big loss because I only start on monday, but i still hope i've lost something :) i'm going to allow myself a treat tomorrow (providing i've lost)


Porridge - 2.5
Wholemeal muffin - 2.5

Jacket potato - 3
Tuna - 1
Light mayo - 1
Yoghurt - 1.5
Cereal bar - 2

2 WW sausages - 2
2 waffles - 4
Spagehetti - 1.5
Yoghurt - 1.5
WW chocolate eclair - 1.5 yum! :D

Total: 24/26
I've lost 6lbs since monday, I can't believe it! :D I know it's been my first week, but i've never lost that much in my first week of a diet before. I've never let myself go hungury and have always felt full after meals. I think it's because i've been exercising. I'm not expecting to loose as much next week, but at the moment i'm over the moon :)

I'm having my normal breakfast, but am gonna treat myself later. I'm going to the mother in laws so will be able to eat whatever she cooks :)

Bring on week 2!


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that is FAB!!! well done you!!! treat yourself today and back on it tomorrow :D I have no point meals on weigh day then get right back on the next day....seems to work..most of the time ;)
Yeah, I think having a day off will help me to keep up the weight loss, as if i've been craving something all week I can have it on my day off :)

Porridge 2.5
Wholemeal muffin 2.5

Jacket potato 4
Tuna 1
Mayo 1
Yoghurt 1.5
Cereal bar 2

Roast chicken 4
2 yorkshire puddings
Veg 0
1 stuffing ball 1

Yoghurt 1.5
Freddo (woops!) 2

Total: 26

Porridge 2.5
Toast 4

Tuna sandwhich 3.5
Yoghurt 1.5
2x cereal bars 4 <--- why? :(

Ham and mushroom tagliatelle 6.5
Stawberries 1
1 scoop ice cream 1.5

Total: 24.5


Porridge 2.5
Wholemeal muffin 2.5

Ryvitas 2
Philladelphia 1
Tomatoes 0
Cereal bar 2
Yoghurt 1.5

Chicken breast 2
Sweet and sour sauce 1.5
Wholemeal rice 3
Yoghurt 1.5

Quorn light chicken bites 2
Porridge 2.5

Total: 25.5

I've not been very well over the past few days so haven't been able to exercise recently. Hopefully I'll be feeling a bit better soon and will be able to get back to exercising.


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food sounds yummy, hope you are feeling better soon! rest up :D

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