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Lacking energy - How long does it last?

Im finding it difficult to motivate myself to do things as Im weak but still have some stamina left. I have to plan my days so I don't do to much in one day. In saying that Im still going to the gym but not working out as hard as I did before LL.

How long does this extreme weakness last for ? I don't know how I will cope having to go back to work tommorrow for a 12hr shift!

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Hey cocojo,

I've not had this yet, I do feel lazy at work but thats more because the pace of my job has slowed down. I have read that this does pass after a fews days usually and is common.

How long have you been on LL hun?
This is my 5th day so hopefully it will be soon then!


Happily pro pointing!
I was definitely knackered the first few days, think it took about a week, feel great now though. I walk for 1 hour per day and am gradually building up on the X trainer.
I have given teh car to my partner and am trying to cycle everywhere but believe me it is hard. The lack of energy is amplified with this diet and believe me you will feel less energised the whole time you are on it. I have been on it 4 weeks and lost 25lbs and I feel so lathargic. The way I explain it to people is this:

Your body is a car. Food is petrol. Fat is a petrol substitute.

With petrol you can rev the car (exercise) and not have problems and leave it ticking over fine.

When you are starving your car of petrol it uses its substitute but unfortunately while you can leave it ticking over fine anytime you try revving it you may have problems.


Happily pro pointing!
I feel great now, it was just the first week when I felt lethargic.
I get up much easier in the mornings and feel quite well and energetic during the day, I just get tired earlier at night I find.

But generally I feel great and much better than before LL.
Hi Cocojo

I found it really hard to adjust, I must admit. Extreme tiredness didn't come into it!!! Much! I think it's the shock to the system BUT it does pass. Honest! Everyone is different; some people, like Christovee notice an increase in energy, others feel more slug-like (me). Remember going into ketosis takes time and adjustment.

I also felt extremely cold and had to have several baths a day to keep warm! LOL! I want to give you two pieces of advice; give your body time to adjust so rather than head for the gym straightaway, ensure you achieve 10,000 steps per day, along with your 4 litres of water. Second, adjust your diary so that you are not overwhelmed - a 12 hour shift will probably be a good test.

The one thing that's really important to remember is that you can do this! You really can; that attitude will get you through.

Ah yes, and finally, my LLC gave me some very good advice; she said if I was feeling tired well into the programme, I probably was v.tired to begin with. And that was true.

Good luck!

Hope this helps.

Mrs Lxxxx
Oh yes, the cold. I am freezing a lot of the time. Even in a club on Saturday night (sans alcohol). Usually I find those places stuffy and far too warm.

I've turned the heating up a notch so hopefully the house will be nice and toasty when I get in. I had a bath this morning in an attempt to warm myself up. Fortunately the office is lovely and warm although everyone else thinks it is too hot and I have to keep thwarting M's attempts to turn on the fan near my desk.
I felt tired off and on for the first few weeks. But then as I lost a significant amount of weight I started to have more energy, almost without realising it, and found myself doing weird (for me) things like run (just a bit!). So stick with it, and soon your body will thank you for not having to haul so much of you around!
Well thanks for your advice just home from work and managed to go to the gym on the way home. Work wasn't too busy and our boiler is leaking so taking a shower was essential ! I think that there is a mental aspect to my tiredness which is impacting on my physical state - sounds a bit silly but feeling slightly light headed all day is very wearing. Im really lucky I haven't felt the cold yet (touch wood) however ive got a little but of a tummy ache so i hope that I won't have any problems in that department.

Deb G

Silver Member
I felt like that in Week 3 - but it soon passed. I find that if you MAKE yourself get up and about and do things, you'll be fine - its more the thought of doing anything that is the problem. So make yourself go for a walk and you'll feel better. I'm in Week 10 now and I feel fine energy-wise, but I spent most of week three on the sofa!

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