Lactose free milk ??

Discussion in 'Atkins Diet' started by louiser, 12 February 2014 Social URL.

  1. louiser

    louiser Trying very hard!

    I have just been trying to explain to a friend that I can't have milk and was saying it is something to to with the lactose in milk. She asked if I could then have lactose free milk. I had never thought of it but do remember seeing the adverts for it. I am sure its not that simple and I dare say theres no way I could have it but I just wondered?
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  3. ladyfelsham

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    Hi Louiser

    This is from the Atkins website - "milk is higher in carbs than cream, thanks to the lactose (a form of sugar). In Phase 2 you can reintroduce small amounts of whole milk. Or dilute cream with some water, if you prefer."

    I prefer almond milk or soya, it's much lower in carbs - plus it helps my sinuses, cows milk can cause problems for me -
  4. louiser

    louiser Trying very hard!

    I am really not keen on soya milk. I am so not a fussy person on food and will usually eat absolutely anything but for some reason I really can't take to soya / almond milk in tea and coffee. I have never tried coconut though so I am not sure what that would be like.

    I was just curious because Lactose is the thing that stops us being able to have 'normal' milk and just count the carbs so I was wondering if you remove the Lactose does that make it ok to drink in moderation? I realise it still reads fairly high in carbs so it would very much be a once a day if that?

    Thank you :)
  5. Mis-behave

    Mis-behave Gold Member

    Removing the lactose from the milk does reduce the carb count too.

    I drink it and it's nice .. I switched as my mums just found out she intolerant. I decided to avoid real milk and drink lactose free and then try real milk again. I got a belly ache and felt really sleepy from the real milk .. So am assuming I'm intolerant too...

    From all the advertising it seems to be completely lactose free, they do cream and cheeses/ yogurts etc
  6. louiser

    louiser Trying very hard!

    Does it affect weight loss to have it?
  7. Mis-behave

    Mis-behave Gold Member


    Here is carb count of 100ml of lactose free milk

    I'm eating a primal diet in conjunction with every other day modified fasting diet ..

    Perhaps the reason normal milk is not allowed on Atkins is due to the higher carb count? So perhaps lactose free is ok :) ??
  8. teetiefunk

    teetiefunk Gold Member

    I have a splash in my coffee in the morning and it doesn't seem to affect me...try it and if you stall remove it x

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