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  1. meandmybigbum

    meandmybigbum Member

    Hello ladies, I'm no stranger to this part of the forum and previously did juddd last year and lost and stone and half relatively quickly (I have lots to lose) I did a vlcd for a few weeks on and off after Christmas but couldn't stick to it *rolls eyes*
    I'm now back because it clearly works I'm just an impatient sod! Anyway I'm now doing the 5-5 approach, just nearly completed my first 24 hour fast and apart from the occasional major hunger pang I found it easy. My question is have you had better losses on this approach and do you have a calorie limit on your up days? I struggle most days to eat 2000 calories unless it involves wine. Any help or advice very welcome, thanks in advance x
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  3. sunnyrae

    sunnyrae Silver Member

    Hello sorry to be a pain please could you explain the 5-5 approach im always up for new ways to spice juddd up just for a bit of a novelty
  4. Lanarkwitch

    Lanarkwitch Gold Member

    You can do any times that suit you, but a minimum of 16 hours is required to get into fat burning mode.

    5pm to 5pm is a popular one, based basically on the eat stop eat, 24 hour fast, you don't have any calories for 24 hours, then you can either, count calories until 5pm the next day if you're starting a DD again (making sure not to go above your UP day allowance), or some break your fast with 500 calories for the rest of the evening and eat normally the next day.

    It works for some as it's not a full day and allows you to have food every day rather than going a full day without.

    But the important thing with any approach to IF is it's basically just a way to restrict your calorie intake over the week, so if you fast 5-5 and then eat 2000 calories in the evening and then another 2000 before 5pm fast begins your not going to have very good results! (see week 3 of my signature!!)
  5. Lanarkwitch

    Lanarkwitch Gold Member

    Check out Ladybirds diary, she does 5-5 and has had brill results, also hannas diary, again great results on 5-5
  6. meandmybigbum

    meandmybigbum Member

    Thanks will go take a look. According to the juddd website for my weight and height my up day cals need to be 2900! How the hell am I supposed to eat that :/ figure with the 5-5 approach I can have a decent evening meal and try and get the rest in the next day before 5pm. That's a crazy amount of calories though

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