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Lady Amalthea's Quest For Slimville!


Looking for Slimville!
Today marked the start of changing my baaaad eating habits to healthy eating habits in a bid to shift the lbs!!

Breakfast - Branflakes with ss milk & a mix of fresh fruit.
Lunch - Chicken cup a soup & side salad.
Dinner - Healthy sausages & potatoes.
Dessert - Strawberries with low fat greek yoghurt.

Drinks - small glass of fresh pineapple juice
3 pints of water (so far!)

All in all it's been a relatively easy day. I have had niggling naughty thoughts at the back of my mind - especially when I was in Tesco - but I have resisted the urge and am off to a good start!

Right now I'm most concerned with getting in to the 11s. I haven't seen that number on the scale for a while. :(

Start weight: 12st 9lbs
1st goal weight: 11st.

Not giving myself a time limit. It'll take as long as it takes!!
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Welcome aboard Lady A!
Now you got me thinking about the strawberries and Greek yoghurt that are sitting in my fridge.......


Looking for Slimville!
Thanks Jupiter :)

Today is off to another good start, woo.

Breakfast = Shredded Wheat w/ ss milk. Some grapes.

I'll probably just be boring and have another cup a soup & side salad for lunch. Don't really have time for anything else before work this afternoon.

Dinner = gonna be grilled chicken wraps with lotsa salad!

Snacks of pineapple chunks & strawberries.

Upping the water intake today. Hopefully!!

Wish I wasn't such a scale hopper though. Jumped right on them this morning to discover (shock, horror!) that I still weigh the same. It's only been a day hahaha.

Had a follow up blood test at the doctors yesterday to investigate possible thyroid problems. Get my results next week. If it is under active, I am NOT using it as an excuse to remain a fatty. Might make results take a little more time but hey, as long as it takes!!

Have a good day everyone :)


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This is something I agree with. I might force myself to only do once a week on a Friday or a Monday. It really isnt the right way to start the day. Lets hope tomorrows isnt as dreaded as I think it will be. I'm thinking 148lbs - hoping a lot less though!!


Looking for Slimville!
I got new meds from the doc that I started taking last night - mirtazapine - to help with my sleep/anxiety/depression. I've been troubled with this for a number of years and been on and off various meds trying to find one that works. Trouble with this new one and the 'settling in' period is the side effect of ZOMBIEFICATION! Basically, I feel god awful tired & drowsy and everything seems to take SO much energy and effort.

There's also a very common side effect of increased appetite and therefore dreaded weight gain!! Trying not to let this effect my healthy eating. If I get major hunger pangs I'll be munching on healthy snacks! Today's plan has been:

Breakfast - nothing (too icky and slept in til 11am oops!)

Lunch - Tuna w/light mayo on toasted brown bread & a side salad

Dinner - Sweet chilli salmon with baby potatoes & salad

Snacks - Strawberries, grapes

Drinks - Water and 1 glass of pepsi

Thanks to Jupiter for the idea of the sweet chilli salmon. It was lovely!

I know I should have gone with the diet pepsi or pepsi max but I had a real craving for regular pepsi so to hell with it haha.


Looking for Slimville!
I haven't had anything to eat today yet. These new meds knocked me out for more or less 15 hours straight so I'm not long up. I really hope the side effects improves after these 2 weeks...
I was meant to be going through to Edinburgh today for a nice picnic in the park with friends and then a wee jaunt to a few pubs at night. Had to cancel cause I still feel quite spaced out. :(

I'm not even feeling hungry but I have fruit a plenty in the fridge so gonna munch on some strawberries, grapes & pineapple chunks for breakfast.

I'll worry about lunch/dinner later haha.

*edit* So I ended up having:
Tuna w/light mayo & mixed peppers for lunch

Chicken Caesar salad for dinner
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Looking for Slimville!
Been a little bit naughty today. Still feeling quite lethargic so thought I'd eat something to maybe have a wee sugar rush and get motivated. Silly, silly idea. Especially since that 'something' happened to be 2 snickers and a twix :(.

Nothing much I can do about it now. Just gonna plan out the rest of the day to be healthy.

Breakfast - strawberry & grape fruit salad with splash of fresh orange juice

Lunch - Nothing, was icky & drowsy so napped...

Dinner - Shredded chicken with mixed peppers & onions

Snacks - the bad chocs mentioned above :(.

Drinks - Water (only 2 pints though. MUST UP THIS!)
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Looking for Slimville!
Thanks Jupiter. Onwards and downwards on the scales, I hope!!

Today I'm feeling a little less spaced out and a little more energised. :)

Breakfast - porridge oats mixed with water & some ss milk
Pineapple chunks

I think Lunch will be the ol' favourite of a cup a soup (golden veg) and a side salad

Haven't thought about dinner yet...

I have an off-skates endurance session at roller derby tonight 7-8 so gonna try and fit dinner in prior to that and if I feel hungry afterwards just snack on fresh fruit.

My weigh in day is meant to be on Wednesday but I'm gonna shift it to Friday.

Good luck for the week everyone!


Looking for Slimville!
Dinner is going to be a healthy chicken wrap with peppers & salad!

Not very imaginative but it uses up the ingredients before they go off...

I know I shouldn't be scale-hopping but I couldn't help it. Apparently I've gained 2 lbs!! I'm hoping it's just water retention or something but I'm worried it could be my meds. I'm gonna talk to my doctor on Wednesday about them. He never mentioned the problematic side effect of weight gain last week but apparently it's quite prevalent among users. :(

I'm off to an off-skates derby training session 7-8 tonight so hopefully that'll help salvage any sort of loss for this week. *cries*


Looking for Slimville!
Nightmare! My *new* fridge is on the blink! All my fresh food has gone off over the last few days - even milk I only opened yesterday is like cream today :( Gonna go moan at the landlord tomorrow. *sighs*

Anyway, lack of milk meant it was nothing for breakfast

Lunch - chicken cup a soup

Dinner - Spag Bol

Snacks - 1 apple; 1 rice cake

Luckily I don't keep my apples in the fridge. And my rice cake snack would usually have had reduced fat hummus on top but it'd gone all lumpy in the silly fridge.

This aint my week. . .they say the first week is the toughest but I don't need these added problems haha! :(
Poor you! Sounds like you've had a bad day! Hope you get your fridge sorted soon.
Maybe there is something going on in the stars or whatever! I took my car in for a service and MOT today and came back £500 poorer! New brakes, new tyres blah blah blah! :(


Looking for Slimville!
Ouch! Hefty MOT right there :( Needs must I suppose - it's best you're driving a safe vehicle etc.


Looking for Slimville!
Just finished my breakfast of Banana on granary bread (toasted)

I was originally gonna have a boiled egg but attack of the clutz = me dropping last egg on the kitchen floor. Oops. :eek:

Had my doctor's appointment this morning. My TSH (Thyroid Stimulating Hormone) is still high but my T4 came back 'smack bang in the middle' of the normal range. That's twice this has happened.
So the doctor thinks it is unlikely it's a thyroid problem causing me to feel the way I do etc. Thing is, this same thing kept happening to my Mum when she was my age (high TSH but 'normal' T4) and it wasn't til years later she was diagnosed. I'm not gonna push it though. I'll put my faith in the doctor and hope!!

Pill-wise, I expressed my fears about weight-gain. He insists it's only down to acting on increased appetite that will cause weight gain. So I guess those choccy bars I had on my 'blip' are to blame. I'm going to stick with these meds for now and just watch my portion sizes & up the exercise a little.

Lunch - 1/2 tin of heinz 'big soup' country vegetable and an apple

Dinner - Tuna pasta

Snacks - Fruit

Aiming for around a 3 litre water intake today too. And got 1 hour of roller derby practice tonight.
Morning Erin

I do wonder about doctors sometimes! :sigh:Especially GP's. they seem to have a tendency to look at what the text book answer is and no further. Your Mum clearly had a thyroid issue and showed the same results as you so you'd hope they would consider that to be relevant. Maybe you could seek a second opinion? Wouldn't do any harm. There are some doctors out there who think a little more 'holistically'.


Looking for Slimville!
Hey Jupiter... I'm thinking about seeking out a second opinion. I do have another follow up appointment at the same surgery but with a different GP next Wednesday so might see what she has to say on the matter. I just want them to be as thorough as possible, you know?

Anyway, today seems to be going well:
Breakfast - 1 boiled egg on 1 slice granary bread (toasted) & a banana.

Lunch - Tuna & mixed pepper salad and an apple.

Dinner - Opting for some steamed veg & chicken.

Snacks - 1 rice cake, fruit.

Still no new fridge grr! It's so annoying!

Hope everyone else is having a good day.


Looking for Slimville!
Breakfast - West country cheddar, red onion & chutney focaccia

45g of brazils & milk and dark choc buttons.

Lunch is going to be a poached egg on granary bread (toasted)

Not sure about dinner yet.

It finally looks like the scales are going in the right direction!!
After putting on 3lbs this past week (which I am blaming on new meds/water retention cause surely 3 wee choccy bars aint the culprit?!) I appear to be 1lb less than I was a few days ago.

So basically I've gone from 12st 9lbs to 12st 12lbs :( and now am 12st 11lbs. Hopefully I can get down to 12st 7lbs for next week's weigh in!

Got my first counselling session this morning at 10.30. Kind of nervous about it to the point I feel sick. I've had counselling before about 4 years ago but really didn't like the nurse I was working with. Hopefully this new lady will be nice.

Have a good day everyone!
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