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Lana's Weightloss Diary - I'm, struggling so this is my last resort!


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I've only been doing SW for 4 weeks and so far am 2lbs down. I lost 3.5lb, gained 2lb, lost 1.5lb and gained 1lb :(.

Should have been star week on the 1st gain but didnt arrive until almost 2nd gain (2 weeks late).

I may have slightly overdone it on the syns last week as I didnt measure my milk and use a lot in coffee so that may account for the 1lb gain.

I'm so disheatened that I don't stay to class, mainly because I'm shy and hate speaking in front of the 30+ others who are there.

Weigh in tonight so fingers crossed I've lost!

I'll post here now and again and if anyone see's me doing something wrong, please tell me!
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Awww Lana you sound really down. Good luck for tonight hun, you may have done better than you think - fingers and toes crossed for you x

I do know what you mean about staying for the meeting bit, I am really nervous about speaking up in front of all those people yikes!

Anyway good luck tonight - you really can do this hun, we are all here to support and help you xxx


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Hey Lana

Good luck with your weigh in and dont worry about not speaking at the meetings, perhaps let the leader know that you dont feel comfortable just yet and would like to listen for a couple of weeks. Then make a decision then.

Drink lots of water and try and change a few bad habits; like documenting your milk, eating 3 pieces of fruit a day and downing 2 ltrs of water. Once you achieve some small goals your determination and commitment will be better.

Good luck. Let us know how you get on with the weigh in.


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Good luck Lana, my weigh in is tonight as well. im rubbih at sticking to it and have a thread called "need somebody and general chit chat" for when im feeling down to get a little motivation etc.

have you thought about joining the July challenge on here im a FBI girl myself and i think it will help me to stick to it more and not nibble as much as i dont want to let the team down.

i love this site cos i cant see the people im talking to. i hate people and i really mean that, they scare the hell out of me. i even have a job were i dont see people or talk to anyone, i just sit in a room by my self....yep im really that bad. but i just keep my had down at meetings and give short one words answers, our leader has realised i dont want to talk so now she just says "are you ok this week" i sya "yes" and its all over, but i still get to hear the useful tips etc from the rest of the group. so try and stay it is useful honest.

dont be too hard on yourself. do a food diary and ask your leader to check it, or you may see were you are going wrong (i never measure my milk te he). you could even post it on here and the others may be able to tell you were you are going wrong.dont miss anything off as this is only liying to yourself. its hard at first but everyone is diffrent you re still 2lbs slimmer then you would be by not doing it at all and you will get there in the end honest.




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I stay to meetings because it's my mind programming for the week! I've done diets before but not stayed, then after a while I give up, so I figure if I stay to the meetings people get to know my face and I have to keep trying every week or they'll all know I'm weak. You can ask your leader not to tell anyone your weight loss as you're very shy, but you just want to sit and listen. After a while you get to know the same old faces and it's not scary at all. Rather like a big disfunctional family! Also, keep a food diary and your leader can let you know where you're going wrong. I don't count my milk in tea, but I always have skimmed so figure it's not worth counting!

Good luck!


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I WI on Wednesdays too. Stay to the group session cus that's where you get all your handy hints and tips from. Just remember that everyone there is in the same boat as you so there really is no need to be embarrassed x


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Well, here goes. If anyone can see I'm doing something wrong, please tell me. :)

Thursday (10th July) - Green Day

B/fast - 2 weetabix (Hex B) skimmed milk (Hex A). Banana

Lunch - Beans, Scrambled Egg & 1 slice wholemeal toast (Hex B). Mullerlight.

Tea - Quorn Chilli & Rice, Mullerlight.

Snacks - Milk for coffee (Hex A), extra milk (3 syns), cherries, Mullerlight, apple, tangerine.

Total syns for the day 3 (I'm frightened to use them!)
i was very apprehensive about staying for teh first week but now i love it, i have even made some sw friends who i sit and chat with i feel so comfortable going in and everyone knows me its great once you get into it.

on the other hand what works for some people doesnt work for others, i believe in sw because it works for me but it doesnt work for my mam on the otherhand. maybe switching to ww or something similar might work better for you?


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Fri (11th July) - Green Day

B/Fast - 2 weetabix (Hex B) and skimmed milk (Hex A). Banana

Lunch - AH Mush Cous Cous (1/2 syn), mullerlight, apple & banana.

Tea - Asda meatballs (1 syn) with passata & spices. Lots of pasta. Strawberries & mullerlight.

Snack - Milk for coffee (Hex A). Extra milk 2 syns.

Total syns for day 3 1/2. Will be using quite a lot of syns over the weekend.

I usually have beans or poached egg on toast for breakfast but trying to cut down on bread!
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If that's a typical day you should be losing weight, so long as you're sure nothing else is passing your lips. Are you doing any exercise? Some people reckon they can't lose weight if they eat mullerlights or bananas often so you could maybe try other yogurts and fruit. The shape lasting satisfaction ones are lovely. You could also try eating more vegetables, you could add onions and grated carrot to your pasta sauces.


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No I'm not doing any exercise at the mo. I know I should but I'm lazy! I don't like yogurts with fruit bits in them, do the Shape ones have bits? I also like the Eat Smart yogs and usually have those but Mullerlights were on offer this week!

I'll eat my way through the bananas I have and then give those a miss too.

Thanks for looking.


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Shape yogurts have bits in - sorry! What about the weightwatchers toffee and vanilla ones, they're syn free. Or fat free natural yogurt with berries added? Do you like vegetables? Have a look in your book for some superspeed foods to add to your meals, that may get the weight moving. I don't like exercise either, that's why my weightloss has slowed down now. But you don't have to go to the gym, you could boogie at home or get a hula hoop! I'm thinking of getting a hula hoop but I'm no good at it, but at least bending down and picking it up will be exercise of sorts!!


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Hola Hoop, sounds fun! Let me know how it goes!

I do like the ww toffee and vanilla yogurts so will maybe try those. Trouble is, only went shopping yesterday so I'm stocked up on Mullerlights and bananas!

I got the Ministry of sound Dance workout a while ago, I've tried it twice and thought I was going to die after 10 mins!


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I've heard that's not exactly a beginner's one. I've got the Rebecca Wheatley workout but I've only done it twice, it nearly killed me. I also have to do it when the family's not around or they'd take the piss. I also have a tesco basic exercise bike which people use to hang their coats on :)


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Asda, they are 25p each!

My Hubby keeps asking me to do the dance work out so he can laugh at me! I can't do it upstairs as it sounds as if I'm going to come through the floor! The cats look at me as if I'm bonkers!


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Sat 12th July - Green Day

B/fast - Fruit & Fibre (2 HexB's) with skimmed milk (HexA)

Lunch - AH Tomato Tangy Cous Cous, Banana, Mullerlight

Tea - Quorn Peppered Steak, Free Chips & Mushy Peas. Strawberries & Mullerlight.

Snacks - Milk for Coffee (HexA), Apple, Wine (17 syns)

Total syns for day 17

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