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Lancsgirls fat shedding!!


yummy mummy in the making
Well that's what I'm doing shedding the fat! Day one today and I'm doing ok a tad hungry and slight headache, trying to get the water down tomorrow will be much better and I will have planned it better! I'm 17.3st and my goal is 11st, 5 lbs at a time is fine for me, any more is a bonus! Im a mum if 3 two teenagers and a 19mnth old girl, I'm
A clean a holic and a pain in the ass about things being tidy and in there place! I wonder why I can't be like that about my weight??? Tried cd in the past and lost 2 stone in 2 months but it got too expensive so had a few months off and tried sw, did ok but need a break from
Food and this is the ideal option. I just love jeans and high heel boots and I'm gonna be in a pair Xmas day!!!!
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yummy mummy in the making
Just off to bed, had the 3 litres today so I'm
Well chuffed! Thought I'd step on the scales and see if anything had shifted, I was 17.3 this morning and my scales have just read 16.9! Surely to god that's not right!!!


yummy mummy in the making
Day two! Not feeling hungry today! Got up and was buzzing for some reason so made everyone bacon butties and it didn't bother me one bit! Just been for a walk to tesco and I've had a litre of water already. Having my first shake about half eleven, next week I'm just gonna go for strawberry coz I'm not keen on the others,I've also found my water flavourings from
My cd days so I'm gonna use that aswell, glad I started yesterday now coz I may be in ketosis for the weekend,?it's the weekends that drive me mad!!


Determined to succeed ...
Hi LancsG

Good to hear you are doing well - I only started the day before you so It's day 3 for me. Have been fine but got a bit of a head acre today so I keep drinking the water!

I'm struggling with the shakes - not really my thing [was allergic to milk as a child, and even though I know they are made with water, to me, they are still a bit Milk shake'ie]
Have tried to make the moose - 1st one with vanilla [4floz water] was a bit like melted ice cream and the second [2floz] chocolate was a bit too thick but more bearable for me... I'm feeling a bit 'Goldilocks' about this at the moment so will try the next one at 3floz!!!

Good luck on your weight-loss journey


Full Member
well done for getting this far, this is the hard part over i think. i am on day 4 too so lets see how it goes

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