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Landsickness? Mal de Debarquement?


Gonna be skinny!
Hi guys,

Am back from my week on holiday and am siffering with what is known as Mal de Debarquement, or land sickness. I was on a boat for a week and my inner ear got so used to the rocking motions, I am having trouble stabalising now back on land... have spoken to doctor about it, could last a few days. Has anybody else suffered? I have read of loads of stories on the net but would love some REAL stories. Just for reassurance.

x x x x
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My hubby gets this! We live on an island and the only way here is 5 days by ship as there is no airport. I don't get seasick or have any problems back on land though I admit that I never gain my balance on board, I just wobble about desperately holding onto chairs, tables, doors etc!
Hubby gets seasick first day, then finds his balance and is fine. But whenever we get back on land it takes him a few days to get back to normal. He staggers slightly, loses balance and says he feels like the land is moving. Happens to him every time.
Hope the holiday was fun.


Gonna be skinny!
I have to admit, as I was off and on the boat I felt pretty rubbish the entire time as it would set in each time...

Been on land 48 hours and it is subsiding although I am still very unsteady on my feet, very heavy headed and feel a bit 'poo'...

x x x
That's a shame. You should feel better very soon, if not you could always take a seasickness pill? Hubby threw up for a whole day last time we got off the ship, so next time I figure on medicating him - he takes the meds for seasickness so he might as well take them for landsickness rather than suffer.
I guess you'll be steering clear of sailing holidays in the future?


Gonna be skinny!
Does he get the rocking sensations too?

I am now terrified of even going on a plane! I have read toooo many stories of people who have this FOREVER! I am just praying it gets better soon as I keep crying as it's so annoying....
Yes, hubby gets the rocking sensation. Says the ground is moving and he's really unsteady on stairs. Pukes a lot too and has awful headaches. Does pass after a couple of days though. He normally goes to bed the first day back and tries to sleep it off. You will feel better soon - get some tablets to help it along maybe?

You should be fine on planes, OH has never had a problem with planes, just ships.


Gonna be skinny!
Yes!!! I have a terrible tension headache I just can't shift...
I am into day 5 now and the rocking is def gone, I just get a bit dizzy from time to time and if there is lots of movement on the TV it makes me feel wierd... So I am on the road ro recovery! I think... most things I have read say anwhere from 2/3 days to a week (this is most common) and up to 2/3 weeks... Fingers crossed it clears sooooon....


Gonna be skinny!
Thanks guys... it's subsided now, thank god. x

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