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Discussion in 'Slimming World' started by larara, 9 February 2013.

  1. larara

    larara Active Member

    So I saw someone else had been posting pictures as they went and I thought I would give it a go.. Been on plan for nearly 6 weeks and lost about 24lbs :) here is me at the start... More photos to follow...

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  2. larara

    larara Active Member

  3. larara

    larara Active Member

  4. larara

    larara Active Member

  5. FionaMcd

    FionaMcd Well-Known Member

    Wow the difference is astonishing!! Well done :) x
  6. Miss*Kellyxoxo

    Miss*Kellyxoxo Well-Known Member

    Cant believe the difference in such a short time!! Inspirational!!! Well done xx
  7. welshchick

    welshchick Well-Known Member

    Wow amazing!! How have you managed to lose so much so quickly?!! Well done x x
  8. larara

    larara Active Member

  9. MrsP

    MrsP Well-Known Member

    Fab! You look lovely! Can def see the difference! Well done! X
  10. Happy Holidays

    Happy Holidays Well-Known Member

    Wow you've done really well, the weight has just dropped off you, you do look amazing, OH looks like he's lost weight as well:D
  11. larara

    larara Active Member

  12. Squares76

    Squares76 Well-Known Member

    You both look fab! Well done!!!!
  13. larara

    larara Active Member

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