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last 7lbs and no alcoholic drinks...this could be tricky!!

Ok as im almost at target i need to seriously get my bum into gear. After my 1/2 gain last week i must try harder..... Today was my grannys funeral i didn't go as ive been bed bound all day with illness and poorly baby...

Breakfast~none as ill

Lunch~none just water....

Dinner. Sprout,leek,celery and potato soup. Pitta filled with left over Spanish chicken. Kiwi and pineapple.

Hex a~milk (for angel delight)
hex b~ wholemeal Asda Pitta

Syns~ 6angel delight zx
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S: 12st4lb C: 10st2lb G: 9st10lb BMI: 22.9 Loss: 2st2lb(17.44%)
So sorry about your granny's funeral :( and you & your baby feeling poorly too :(

Good luck with the booze detox though. I managed my first 5 weeks on slimming world without it (unheard of for me!) before having one day back on it for a friends wedding celebration ;) So you can do it :) x
Thanks. Its not like i drink loads im just sick of it!!!

i think when i do want a drink ill have a pineapple juice instead. Still a syn but a smarter syn and something different x
Well new day. I feel better today no aching or headache and my lil boy is back to himself. Dunno if that's good as i enjoyed peace and cuddled yesterday today he is extra loud and naughty!!!!!

I have now however picked up the tommy tits from somewhere....great.

Haven't eaten yet but think ill have some bacon and tanned plum tomatos for breakfast when i can manage to get downstairs without running straight back up lol. Lunch is sprout soup then Kiwi and pineapple.

Have wi later ekkkkk xx
Breakfast~4 slices bacon with tinned toms. Pineapple and Kiwi.

Lunch~ curly wurly~forgot my lunch at work.~6 syns

Dinner~ m&s count on us chili ~6syns. Melon strawberries and pineapple.

Extra syns 7.5 for a walnut whip. So over syns.....but worth it and i didn't have my usual after wi treat last night xx
Hello peeps.....im chatting on to myself today.... Good day today resisted all rubbish in work... So motivated tho... Not.

Breakfast~ pomegranete and strawberries

Snack~ 5x chicken wings from gabbots farm god only knows how many syns.....moving on.....

Lunch. Mug shot hex a wholemeal Pitta strawberries and pineapple

Dinner~ broccoli beetroot and cottage pie.

Supper. Strawberries and a 6 syn curly wurly xx

Breakfast~ melon and strawberries

Lunch~ left over shepherds pie. Strawberries.

Dinner~ chicken chow mein some chips 2 sweet and sour ribs.

Mini buttons 4.5 syns.
Today.....no alcoholic drink......

Breakfast. Wholemeal Pitta hex b. Deli light cheese. Hex a

Lunch ~ half chippy chips....11syns

Dinner~ maggies so juicy Paprika 2.5. Syns as split between 4. mash using hex a milk roasted veg

Beetroot cake. 1/4 Of a slice syns????
Oh and a punnet of strawberries. These r getting nicer now can't wait till summer when they are mega juicy. Im in work tomoz and haven't planned think ill take cous cous and Chirizo. For anyone reading my diary thinking its a lil relaxed its coz i don't wanna lose too much more. 2Lb till sw target 4 till personal one. I am looking v slim now so don't wanna lose tonnes more xx
Today have had~

half punnet of strawberries and a kids pineapple stick. 2 Alpen lights.

Currently sat in mc ds with a diet coke.....resisted the food yipppeeee v proud xx
alfsmummy11 said:
Today have had~

half punnet of strawberries and a kids pineapple stick. 2 Alpen lights.

Currently sat in mc ds with a diet coke.....resisted the food yipppeeee v proud xx
Ok lunch~Pitta 3.5 syns. Dairylee deli light cheese hex a.

Dinner. Roast chicken, mash using part hex a milk broccoli sw roasties gravy made from beef stock.

Im making a 12 syn sponge cake also tonight nmmmm. Snack for doi with a brew xx
Breakfast~ strawberries, melon, Kiwi.

Lunch~ half small portion of chips~ 11 syns

Dinner~ sprout soup. Pitta hex b and Dairylee deli blue cheese hex a and roast chicken no skin.

Snacks 1/4 Victoria sponge cake with spray cream 4 syns. 1/2 Punnet strawberries.

Drinks~ diet coke.
Breakfast~ bacon butty using hex b bread 1/2 syn brown sauce 1 syn marg. Bowl of strawberries Kiwi and melon.

Lunch~ mug shot (free) bowl of sprout and potato soup.

Dinner~ maggi so juicy herby chicken breast(awaiting syn value i am estimating 5) roasted veg sw roasties.

Wi day treat~ curly wurly treat size 3.5syns and 28gram salted popcorn. 6.5Syns. Total 16.5syns.

Exercise~ 2 hours power walking xx

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