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Last chance saloon

That is it! I have had enough! I can't do this anymore. My forth week of weighing in and either staying the same or gaining weight. I have a fridge full of free food or healthy extras and a cupboard full of low fat sauces and I spend my week eating cakes and chocolate. I can't seem to stop. I need to get back to work so I can keep busy and stop picking at the children's food. I have been exercising every day down the gym so that is something I just need to stop eating!!!!!
So after reading other peoples food diary I have decided that it is my last chance to stick to it. I figure that if I put it on line then it might encourage me to stick to it.

Well we shall see as the days go on. Wish me luck.
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Well the day started well. Doing the garden up so have been kept busy.
Jacket potato low fat cheddar HEa beef low fat Mayo 1 syn handful of peanuts I am guessing about 5
So far so good until we decided we had worked hard so we went to the pub for a few
1x gin and slim line 2.5 then realised that the gins were too expensive so went on to half lager
6 x half 4.5 each 27
2x red wine 6 12

Back home for dinner resisted the take away pizza the others had. Made a chicken stir fry
Chicken onion pepper tomatoes courgettes rice potatoes spicy re fried beans ( all free)
1 slice of pizza :( 14.5

So after a good start I have now had

62 of my 105
Well today has been a bit better. So far I have had 2 x weetebix HEb and milk HEa. As you can imagine not very hungry after yesterday.
Been a busy day in the garden again, cutting the grass, clean out the decking and patio so a bit of body magic.
Now for dinner, chicken, peppers, onions, salad, re fried beans, low fat plain yogurt, mint sauce (syn free variety) tomato salsa 2 tlsp 1 discovery fajita mix 1 3 x gin and slimline tonic 7.5

Total so far 71.5 of 105
sunday continued

A plate of roast beef with a salad
beer x 4 at 4.5 each 18
2 x red wine 12

108 of 105 well no more syns for me for the rest of the week :sigh:

No breakfast this morning not hungry, off to Gulliver land with the children. Resisted the ice creams everyone had.
Jacket potato
cheese HEa
ryvita x 4 HEb
extra low philly HEa
pasta, roast vegatables, tinned tomatoes, low fat fromais frais,
A syn free day so still
108 of 105 syns for the week:)

Back to work. Nightmare trying to get kids ready and pack lunches made. So here is goes

Fruit salad for breakfast with a muller light
2 x new Sw bars HEb
Cous cous salad beef and yogurt with mint sauce.

Down the gym - 30 mins on the stepper and 20 mins treadmill

Fruit salad

No sins again today
108 of 105 used.

Just realised the cous cous was 1/2 syn
So 108.5 of 105 just got to last until Thursday - 2 more syn free days to go.

didnt have time to fill this in yesterday. the trials of going back to work. Got weigh in tomorrow so i am very nervous. I went over my allowence so hope i have lost something.
Yogurt and fruit salad for breakfast,

no snack :sigh: on break duty so didnt have time. When it came to lunch i was starving so i had
fish salad with 1 tbsp mayo 1 syn
2 x hi fi bars HEb
apple and muller yogurt. Then I was stuffed. I eat it too quick all in about 10 minutes!
Too busy when i got home beaver drop offs, maing the kids and OH dinner, and work.
Had enough time for a quick omelette but that is all today.

Weigh in day!!!

Oh no have gone over on my syns hope it will be ok.
Very light breakfast and lunch today.

Got tasting at slimming tonight so have got to think of something to cook and take with me.

Making curry tonight for when i get back.

Just off down the gym to try and shed a few ounces before tonight!! Ha Ha might be too late by now.
Hi Sonya,

Just wanted to wish u good luck for your wi tonight! Mines tonight too! Bit wary of going...have stuck to plan fine but had a difficult wk wiv other probs so not sure if it will affect tonite.
You did well to do so many syn free days...don't think I've ever had one lol!

Right, can't put off going into work any longer!

Dawn x

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Keep going sonya you will succeed, minor blips, being at home is hard i find weekends quite difficult. good luck to you and well done on your 1lb loss :0)
Thanks for your reply Dawn. Hope your weigh went well. You seem to be doing brilliantly. I have some serious work to do and need to have some serious will power to keep up. Well done!!
I am going to be a bit more controlled this week (i hope) so aiming for 2 pounds. This site is brilliant for inspiration and ideas.
Thanks Bevsy

I see you are new to here like me. Hope you find it useful. It has kept me going this last week. Normally when I go over on my syns i just give up but because i put everything on here it makes me really think about what i am doing. :)
Hey Sonya,

Thanks for your comment, and well done on losing that pound. You really knuckled down and rescued that week when many others wud have given up completely so you should be really proud of yourself!

This site is great isn't it? I'm totally convinced its keeping me going! I have some lovely friends on here who I'll probably never meet, but it doesn't matter! We all help eachother...and that in turn seems to help us too!

You keep at it hun...you're doing really well xx

P.S. I lost 4lbs! Xx

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Well done Dawn on the weight loss. I read that just at the right time. Have had loads of syns today and now trying to resist some chocolate from the kids easter egg selection.
Weetabix HEb
Milk HEa

Egg and gammon loaf (from magazine)
branston pickle 3 syns
mayo 1 syn

muller light

tesco light choices chicken in tomato and basil
mixed veg

muller light
frosties with milk 2 x bowl 15 for frosties and 6 for milk

total syns for the day
80 of 105 left
Ooh Sonya...

Did you manage to resist? Or...:17729:

My kids are grown up so theres not so much temptation around, although I still have 2 of the 3 of them at home. My daughter is away in the Isle of Wight atm, my oldest son is on SW too and has lost 1 1/2 st so far, and gorgeous hubby isn't too bothered by chocolate so it's not too bad for me! I do remember what its like to have 3 kids worth of chocolate eggs just BEGGING to be eaten :banghead:

Your food for today looks lovely! How was the gammon loaf? I quite fancy that myself.

Be strong hunni...no point going to all that trouble making lovely meals to blow it on something you dont really need! :girlpower:

I resisted!!! Yeah Woke up feeling really please with myself. Got as far as opening the fridge 3 times picking up the egg then putting it back. Not hungry yet this morning so going to hold out til later for something to eat.

Love the chocolate eating smilie that is what i look like when i am eating chocolate really funny.
The gammon loaf was lovely and really filling. Great to make to take on a picnic or i might make it again on a sunday will do for my lunches for about three days.
Well off to clean the decking and outside table and chairs (what an exciting life i lead!)
Oh well done Sonya! You should be soo proud of yourself!

Are you sure u have time to clean the decking...I think you should spend the day polishing yr halo!!! Lol!

Have a lovely day xx

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