Last Chance saloon !!!

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  1. mallia

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    So I have been fat and over weight for far too long nearly 15 years of dieting only to get to 16 bloody stone :mad:

    This is my time and I mean that. I have 3 children 2 beautiful boys and a gorgeous daughter and the time is now for me to get back to my healthy weight of 11 stone.
    Its so mad I was always a slim girl teenager and up until I was about 21 I was a size 10. Well life happened and I piled on 5 stone.
    I have done, Cambridge diet dozens of times, Lipotrim, cabbage soup, new you etc and all that I have ended up doing was adding to my weight gain.

    So no more starvation diets. I am basing this diet around healthy eating and W eight watchers. Starting tomorrow. I am going on holidays in June and would love to have at least 2 stone gone. No more messing no more excuses I feel like crap I look like Crap my body is in crap condition and for me to be a good mum I need to be good to myself.

    Not one stitch of clothing fits me and I refuse to buy any larger sizes.

    So here is to me losing 5 stone.
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  3. mallia

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    Day 1

    Breakfast Porridge made with water
    Lunch big salad lettuece tomatoe coccus beetrook raddish
    Dinner mushrooms 2 eggs beans rashers
    2 litres of water

    10 mins vibro plate

    Got all my shopping in for the week so I have no excuses roll on day 2
  4. mallia

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    I posted and it is not showing
  5. Mini

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    Our spam filter when you are new sometimes inadvertently moderates genuine is not an exact science.
  6. mallia

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    oh sorry thanks Mini
  7. mallia

    mallia Member

    so one week in and I have lost 3 lbs not too bad
    I actually joined slimming world and I am really enjoying all the food. Cooking loads of healthy stuff. We are off on holidays in June so would love to shift 2.5 stone by then if I really work hard I think I can do this.
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