Last chance


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Hi All I weigh 389 lbs and I am type 2 diabetic and only just controlled with tablets, and the Doctors are lining me up for a stomach bypass. If I can show I can lose the weight I can evade the operation.

So this is it for me, if I lose the weight they say the diabetes will go........sw looks easy, of course I understand that bread, butter and cake etc have to go. Bread and butter will be the hardest for me.

I am armed, we have loads of fruit in, loads of Muller light yoghurt, chicken drumsticks and hard boiled eggs cooked up ready in the fridge and I am going to do this!!

Cooked a lovely Paella last night, only thing I would normally put in that I left out was Olive oil, and we could have had that as syns. Chicken, mixed seafood, loads of veg, peas, sweetcorn, mushroom, onion, peppers, and rice. chuck in some Paella seasoning mix, it was lovely......and I had seconds, was that allowed? theres nothing naughty in it, free food!
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Hi kasandrich,

I'm new here too and wanted to say hello.

SW has really worked for me, I've lost over three stone twice now and seen lots of people lose more. With your motivation of health and avoiding surgery you should do well. Is your counsultant aware of your diabetes? I have vague memories of it making a diference to the way you do the plan. Really really good luck with your weight loss journey.


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Wow. You must be so happy. My hubby's got type 2 diabetes and high cholestrol. We've been messing about with different diets not doing any properly and gaining weight all the time. Decided to go back to sw on monday and lose weight the healthy way. Good luck for week 2. We can do this x