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Last Chance

Hi all, this is going to be my new weightloss diary. I desperately need to lose some weight, I have been trying and trying all this year to get properly motivated and lose some weight, but I've ended up now about a stone heavier than this time last year. I have a few reasons for needing to lose the weight, the main one is that we are planning to have another baby, and really hope to be pregnant by the end of the year. I was lucky with my first and only put on just under 2 stone, but I am now a lot heavier than when I got pregnant before and really don't want to get massive this time!!
Also it was our wedding anniversary over the weekend and I realised I am now 3 stone heavier than when I got married!!! A bit of a shocker!
So my aim is to lose 3 stone by Xmas - 5 months today!!! 22 weeks, 2lb a week to lose. A realistic goal I think!
My issue now is what diet to do??!!! I've done every diet there is, the most successful was WW Points (not pro points) I think that is the one I will go for but there isn't the support for this diet like there used to be.
I will be starting tomorrow, doing a food shop today so really need to dig out my old books. Can anyone recommend any decent sites for the old points system. I'm going to have a look in the sub forum on here for the discovery plan - was that what the old points system was called?
I'm going to try to write something here everyday to keep myself going!!
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hello and welcome :) Keeping a diary will really help you and you'll receive lots of support.

I don't know much about WW sorry, I'm going it alone, but there will be plenty who do know :)

Good luck, a 1-2 lb loss every week is realistic and completely do-able!!!

I look forward to chatting with you :)


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hey hunni, welcome and good luck. 2lb a week is a very realistic goal.
I am not sure about the old ww plan but i think there are quite a few people on here who follow it still, so i am sure someone will be able to help.
I too am trying to lose weight to help us concieve baby number 2.
Good luck and i look forward to reading your journey.
OK, so officially day 1 today. Had my last pig out last night and feel horrible from so much fatty food. I must remember this feeling when I want to gorge on food.
Weight this morning 12 stone, weight to aim for 9 stone, pounds to go 42!! Quite a way to go!!
Menu for today:
BF Oats so simple and skimmed milk
Lunch: Salad and salmon steak, ELF Mayo
Dinner - Lamb Steak and veg, mint sauce
Min 4 pints of water
I think instead of following a fixed plan, I am going for the healthy eating, low cal option. I've done enough diets to know what food is right and what is wrong, I know if my portions are too big and also whether I am eating enough variety for a nutritious diet. Lets see how I get on over the next week or two.
Hope everyone is having a good day today
OK I now have a test on my hands, been asked out for lunch by a few people from work. Can't say no really and can't go and not eat. So my challenge is to choose something healthy!!! Eating out is my biggest problem, I see it as a treat (even though it happens at least once a week!) and think if I am paying for it then I should have something nice (translation - full of fat and calories) I must change how I think and choose something light and healthy. Lets see how I get on!

Update - Just got back from lunch and had a diet coke and a grilled chicken bagette - with Mayo though bad me. Not the worst choise I could have made, but bad enough.
Sticking to the lamb steak and veg tonight. So still less calories than I have been eating recently. Am going to start 30 day shred in the morning as well to add to the regime!!
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Day 3, well last night was fine, I had a lamb steak, one roast potato and loads of veg, so not what I planned but better than a normal evening meal. I also used a smaller plate than normal which is something else I am going to do. I've also decided to join to local gym. I think I can manage 3-4 times a week:
Monday - 45 gym session at lunch time
Tuesday - Body Pump class
Wednesday - Spinning
Friday or Saturday - an hour gym session or circuits class
Does that sound ok? I'm going to do a mix of cardio and weights in the gym. I'm going to join up tomorrow or Friday and then will go Friday and Sunday to get started!!

Menu for today - lets see if I can stick to this:
BF - Oats so simple and skimmed milk
Lunch - big salad, ham and small jacket potato
Dinner - Cod and lots of veg

I ned to drink more water too, I think I only had 2 pints yesterday!

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