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  1. Rachie11

    Rachie11 Full Member

    So here I am again starting back on Cambridge don't know why I seem to be crap at this diet!! I have basically left it till last minute to lose weight for my holiday. I'm 25 and going to Ibiza with two of my best friends I feel so fat compared to them at the minutes! So it's 20 days till I go and just wondered if anyone has managed 20 days soul source and if so what results did you get? I know everyone is different but need some motivation people!!! ?
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  3. princessava

    princessava Member

    Hi rachie

    I have been on ss for 8 weeks and lost 25lb I lost a stone of that within 3 weeks. It is def possible to loose a substantial amount in 20 days I started at 13.5 and am 5.4. I think it depends how much U have to loose also to how big your losses are. Keep drinking water is my top tip 4 litres a day minimum! Good luck!! Xxx
  4. Rachie11

    Rachie11 Full Member

    Wow that is amazing! Well done you. 4 litres of water I'll make that my mission. My starting weight is 9.10 I'm 5 foot tall. My target for Ibiza was 8.7 but I'm going to have to be realistic ? although i do eat crap so you never know I could manage a stone that would be fab if I did! I'm also onto level 3 of the 30 day shred which I'll be doing alongside this
  5. Lizwhite29

    Lizwhite29 Gold Member

    I lost a stone in 2 weeks but had over 3 to lose. You could easily do that in 3 weeks just be 100%. Good luck.

    Total loss on cambridge - 3 stone 1lb :)
  6. Rachie11

    Rachie11 Full Member

    Wow that is amazing! You have made me feel really excited! Only done 2 days but already feeling good ? I'll keep you updated how I get on x
  7. Lizwhite29

    Lizwhite29 Gold Member

    How you getting on?

    Total loss on cambridge - 3 stone 1lb :)

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