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  1. PerfectPudding

    PerfectPudding Full Member

    I all I'm back again! This is well and truly my last chance to lose the weight and keep it off! I'm currently in a tier3 weight management program and if I can't lose weight now and keep it off my only other option is weight loss surgery which I really don't want to have! I done Exante a few years ago and lost 3stone in around 3 months fell well and truly off the wagon, I had some health issues which lead to me having to have a hysterectomy at only 30, anyway the weight piled on over the next few years and I now weigh 2 stone more than I did when I first started Exante!

    I don't want to be seen as taking the easy option of surgery, although I know the surgical route is not at all easy unfortunately so many people are so judgemental of those that do have to eventually accept help from the surgical route. I also don't want surgery unless I myself know I have tried my 100% best to lose weight on my own. My biggest success of weightloss come from doing Exante (all or nothing kinda gal) so I'm back to give it one last shot, either way I can say I have at least tried my hardest to go it alone.

    So I ordered my 4 week pack, there are a lot more products than the last time I done Exante!
    I officially start tomorrow morning.

    I just wanted to say hello to all, I know I found the support here invaluable last time as the lovely members were always there for encouragement. I know it's going to be tough, I know there will be days when I want to crack and I know I will probably check this forum on the hour every hour to make sure I'm not the only one 'suffering!' Lol x

    Good luck to you all on your Journey, let's look forward to a healthier future x
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  3. Susie58

    Susie58 Gold Member

    Welcome back PP. Yes there are a lot more choices available from the Exante range. Makes it a bit more interesting.

    Good luck tomorrow x
  4. PerfectPudding

    PerfectPudding Full Member

    Aww Thankyou hunni :) x
  5. PerfectPudding

    PerfectPudding Full Member

    Well day 1! Weighed this morning and I'm 19st 6.8lbs! Omg! How depressing! Well time to get the Exante show on the road, I'm going to try the Maple syrup pancakes this morning, we didn't have those available the last stint I did on Exante and when I saw them I was a little dubious but it had good reviews on the Exante web site so I thought I would brave it lol
    I am then going to have a mint chocolate shake this afternoon and good old Shepards pie for dinner . Wish me luck, really going to try not to have coke zero this time, going to try to stick to just water for a while at least until I am well into the swing of things, may have to invest in some beanies coffee as I did enjoy those even without milk! Lol x
    Wish me luck! Good luck to all of you also starting and during your journey x
  6. Lou_G

    Lou_G Gold Member

    Good luck pp! ! I'm also back on the ts wagon after faffing about half heartedly for most of this year.

    I'll pop in to cheer you on and whine about being hungry and sad lol. Day one (again) for me too today so I'm full from yesterday still :rolleyes:

    I hated the pancakes at first but love them now :)
  7. PerfectPudding

    PerfectPudding Full Member

    Hi Lou! It's so hard to get back on track when your heart just isn't in it! I tried many times to get back on and failed, I'm hoping and praying this time I stick to it, I feel different this time, I feel like I did the first time I did Exante :) I think before I was focusing on the fact that I'm 2 and a half stone heavier this time and it was all I could focus on but now I'm so over it and so fed up making excuses! Lol Day 3 for me I tend to be at my grumpiest, think that's when the sugar cravings kick in for me, so be forewarned this is when I shall probably have a little moan up lol I too had a 'last supper' lol and I made sure it was huge!! I'll let you know how I get on with the pancakes x Good luck sweets, keep me updated x
  8. PerfectPudding

    PerfectPudding Full Member

    Ewwwwww ewwwwww ewwwwww just tried the maple syrup pancakes, yuk yuk yuk!! Smells ok when you open the packet, mixes well, cooks well as long as you have a great non stick pan, tastes ok but can't get my head around the consistency it's all a bit, well, ewwwwww! It feels like I'm eating something synthetic!

    Saying this I am not writing them off, I know all to well how your taste buds change over the course of the journey and it's no where near on par as the yucky Tomato and basil soup, never did get to tolerate that one!
  9. Lou_G

    Lou_G Gold Member

    Lol that's how I felt when I tried them and I was like 'oh no I've got a box of 50 of the damn things'

    Hopefully they'll grow on you :)

    I'm about to have my first pack- apple and cinnamon porridge. it!!
  10. PerfectPudding

    PerfectPudding Full Member

    Lol it's funny how your tastes change once you've been on it a while! Lol

    I like the plain porridge, always found the apple one too sweet/tangy last time, who knows I could like it this time lol x
  11. PerfectPudding

    PerfectPudding Full Member

    Well I made it through day 1 no problems, drank around 3ltrs of water. I didn't have a shake yesterday as I had planned but instead had a raspberry and white chocolate bar and had my shepards pie :)

    I tend to get hungrier of an evening, my last stint on Exante I would have my first pack around 1pm then my next at around 5pm and I'd sit in the evening with my Bar while I watched TV at about 8.

    I joined the Facebook group and learned that you can now have 1 oxo cube a day? We weren't allowed these the last time so I may have to grab some next time I go shopping. I'm still actively trying to not drink Coke zero this time, at least for a good few weeks, I know I used it as a crouch during my previous Exante stint and it did really help me get through some days. It didn't ever effect my losses but when I started last time I didn't know we could have coke zero and not a drop passed my lips until I found out a couple of weeks in!
    I remember how sweet it tasted the first time I drank it and I struggled to drink a whole glass as for me it tasted like syrup, I wish I just decided then and there I didn't like it anymore but no, I tried it again and again until finally I got the taste for it back! So hoping this time to steer clear unless I'm really struggling!

    I'm going to attempt to make the sausage mix today, not sure how it will turn out, I shall report back later x
  12. Lou_G

    Lou_G Gold Member

    Well done! I haven't tried the sausage yet let me know how it is :)
  13. PerfectPudding

    PerfectPudding Full Member

    Oooooh I like the sausage! I mixed it with 40ml of water and put it in the fridge for 5mins I made it into little patties and fried them in my ceramic pan with 1cal spray, have to say it was really nice and surprisingly very filling!

    I can recommend them x
  14. Lou_G

    Lou_G Gold Member

    Ooh sounds yummy I'll get some of those :)
  15. PerfectPudding

    PerfectPudding Full Member

    So I have a confession, I like the blueberry pancakes!!! Yay!! I think I may have made a boo boo with the maple syrup one as I made just one large pancake, this time I split the mixture up and made around 6/7 little pancakes, much thinner and I didn't get that yucky consistency! Yay me! Lol

    So I'll give the maple syrup ones another go and report back on those another day!

    Day 2 gone good so far, normally I can't stop thinking about food but all I can think of are the clothes I want to buy for my new body! I am well and truly in the zone, fingers crossed it lasts as the 3rd Day I tend to get the sugar cravings hitting and that's when the sweet tooth kicks in!!

    Hope you lovely lot are doing well today x
  16. Lou_G

    Lou_G Gold Member

    I made the same mistake the first time it was gooey inside yuk!!
  17. PerfectPudding

    PerfectPudding Full Member

    Ok so dreaded 3rd day is here and surprisingly I feel ok, no cravings yet! I've just realised it's 1:40 and I haven't had a pack yet! I don't feel hungry at all, it's usually the little voice in my head that starts the cravings!

    Still drinking plenty of water, I have a little head ache but I was expecting it. No matter how much I stay hydrated on Exante I always end up with a headache at some point! Lol x

    I ended yesterday with a toffee and raisin bar which I always enjoyed :)
  18. heatwave74

    heatwave74 Full Member

    Well done for getting through the first couple of days always the worst!
  19. PerfectPudding

    PerfectPudding Full Member

    Day four! Wow well I'm feeling ok, not hungry at all x
  20. Lou_G

    Lou_G Gold Member

    Well done you're in the zone :)
  21. PerfectPudding

    PerfectPudding Full Member

    Right today I've had a mint choc shake, lush!, had sausage mix for dinner, I added some chilli flakes that too was lush!
    Going to flake out in front if the tv with a raspberry and white chocolate bar perfect ?

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