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Last night I had a horrid hunger spell


Slowly but surely x
Thats how I felt Wednesday night........ stupid tummys!! Good on you for resisting!!


My husband = My hero
If I have a late night or a bad night with the baby I'm staaaaaaaaaaarving!!!

My tummy shouts and grumbles!!

Nothing better than sleep for it!

Well done beautiful lady xxxx
Think how much easier this would be if we could sleep through it! :D
Very bizarrely I find burning vanilla candles seems to help. I know they sell vanilla patches that you sniff if you have a craving; I'm wondering if this is a similar effect?


Slowly but surely x
ooooh i love vanilla candes....might try it


Gold Member
ooohhh i love candles full stop! any excuse to light one hehehe
I have this calorie free chocolate lip balm, DH got it online as a free sample, its made for people trying to lose weight.... ha ha
I'd be chewing my lips off!


My husband = My hero
How many calories are in a vanilla candle?

Any carbs??

Ha xx


Slowly but surely x
I wouldnt wax lyrical about eating candles - fnat fnar
i i found these no carb diabetic carmel toffee sweeties that i suck on & seem to fulfill my sweet tooth :D
I know these aren't officially allowed BUT do they make any difference to your losses ? If not I may try these when I get the hunger pangs because sometimes the water just doesnt satisfy the hunger. Where can you get them from ?

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