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Last re-start ever, this time i'll do it.....35lbs to go!!!!

I seem to have a similar story to everyone on here as I was on CD a few years ago and lost weight which over the last few years I have put back on!!:cry: I'm on Day 5 today and it has not been too bad. Yesterday was the worst as I was so hungry fron apx 11am even after having a shake at 7.45am and 1.5 litres of water but soldiered on :). I am getting married next year so have 12 months before the big day. Long story but I pre-ordered my dress in January, in a size 12 and I am currently a 16/18. I know this is achievable but I really want to lose this quickly so I can actually try it on!!I have the will power but OH loves his junk food and am getting soooo tempted, just for a little bite but know 1 will lead to 2 and so on......:cry:He of course in naturally thin!!I WILL DO IT THIS TIME AND KEEP IT OFF!! Everyone on here is so inspirational and I did not have this the last time so I hope this will keep me going.Roll on Tuesday 06/09/11 for 1st WI...hope it's a good one!!
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Day 6 - today seems to have dragged as been at work for the first 5 days and not really thought about food. Usually go out for lunch on Sundays but staying in today. Don't think I can handle others eating and drinking :-( I know I can do it but work takes my mind off eating and at home I would eat when bored! Need something to put my mind on. . . mmm what to do . . .
Day 7 - determined to have a good loss tomorrow. Today should be fine as back at work so my mind (and hands) will be kept busy. Roll on tomorrow as I need to know this was worth it! I'm sure it will be ;-)
Day 7 nearly over, can't wait for WI tomorrow to see this has been worth it. I am hungry today so just had loads of water:-S might try to get some bars but only have a tesco metro near me and they don't do it in there! Asda is too far. Oh well..roll on tomorrow x
well done hunni!! thats great!!! xxxx
Day 11 today..doing well so far and can feel the clothes are fitting a little better. Did have a little bit of chicken yesterday as I had finished all 3 shakes and soups by 5pm! Do not feel guilty as I think I needed it to help with toilet issues ;-) 100% until next weigh in x
Well i'm on Day 12 and feel great. I did have a sneaky peek at the scales and weight loss is slow so far this week but expected this after 8lbs last week. I'll have to wait and see what the official WI is on Tuesday. I would like 4lbs plus to get me in the 13s :-D Fingers crossed!
We must literally be neck and neck lol. I'm on day12 also and would also love to loose 4pm also on Tuesday to get me in the 13,s :eek:) xxx
I mean :) xx
Day 13 - did well but did have a nibble on some red leicester cheese while making pizza for OH. Just about to have my last soup of the day and off to bed :) scales still not moving neither is my bowel! Only been twice since starting 13 days ago! Taken senakot max nearly everyday but not working. Must try something else tomorrow if no movement :-S
Day 14 :-D I will be 100% today with no nibbles! WI tomorrow and still no movement. I am feeling constipated so need to buy something else today! Roll on tomorrow, I want the digits on the scales to move..downwards please!
Week 2 WI! After hardly any movement all week, lost 3.5lbs! Just reached the 13's (13st 13.5lbs) really wanted 4/5lbs to be properly in the 13's but just being picky. Anyway continuing with 100% ( no cheats) ;-)
Day 17 - had a meeting all day yesterday and forgot to take a bar with me. Lunch was bought for me so had a egg and cress sandwich. Got home then OH had a kebab and I dont know why but I had a des bites! Mad at myself :mad: but back on track today. 100% all the way back to ketosis x x

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