Last week + 3lbs this week.....


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Well done xx


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Woo hoo!! Well done Mrs*S!


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Well done thats brilliant and good for you getting back on track so soon. Keep up the good work hun. Maybe catch up with you for a coffee towards the end of next week if your free. xx

Devon Dolce

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Well done that's great hun xxx


I can do this............
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Well done you! What a great start to the year! x

Chicky Noops

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Good work!


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Grand job hun, see it really puts Xmas into perspective eh, enjoy it then back on the wagon and it comes off again.


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Ahh... so good for u!

Im nervous. i gained a total of 6.5 lbs over the 2 week xmas period.

- Im trying hard to be good but im so nervous im gunna mess up! (crazy, iv been doing sw for well over a year and a half now haha)

i weigh in wed x