Laughing Cow Blue Cheese Deli

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is it true you can count them as a HEA/B? If so how many?
The stuffed mushrooms sounds a great idea - or stuffed chicken breast maybe!

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I went to Morrisons today and was really looking forward to buying some, but they didn't have any!! :(


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I got some of these from Tesco's yesterday and they're awful. I'm hoping the onion ones are nicer. To be fair, I've never eaten real blue cheese as I don't eat mould!


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I had two last night with a juicy pear. I loved them, but I'm sure they are not to everyones taste.


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they might make a nice 'stilton' and broccoli soup!!!!!!
What a brilliant idea! I love stilton and broccoli soup but not keen on the calores :D


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I love them just spread on ryvita. Yet to have the onion ones.


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Would they melt do you think? I love steak with blue cheese on, yum........
They don't look anything like blue cheese, and the texture is not the same, but they do taste of blue cheese. I have them on corn thins with sliced pear on top.


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The onion ones are really nice, i had them on scanbran hoping that it would make the scan bran more bearable...........Nope still minging!!!!


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I tried these on bread and thought they were disgusting, would rather do without and have 42 gms of low fat cheese proper cheese lol


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I've only ever seen them in tesco,s. I don't like the blue cheese ones(though i do like stilton) The onion ones are really nice though. 5 for a healthy A or 1 1/2 syns each