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Laughing Cow Gourmet Cheese Bites


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If they are the deli light blue cheese or onion ones then you can have 5 as a healthy extra. They are 1.5 syns each (well the blue ones are not sure about the onion ones)


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Maypole, where do you get the info that they are a HE choice?

I've looked on the SW website under the HE section, and can't find them.



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Sugarlove - I am working from an oldish book, and on both red and green days, you can use 6 (although this thread has informed me its now 5, thanks suepat!!! hehe) as healthy option A.

Hope this helps?x
I have tried the blue cheese ones and they are delicious. I had them with Ryvita and sliced pears (blue cheese and pears are a lovely combination). My sister has tried the onion one, and really liked it.

I want to try the goats cheese one, but haven't found it anywhere yet.

If you are looking for them in the supermarket, they come in an oblong flat box, not a round one.


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Can I have them as a HEA choice on any plan? I'm doing EE!

If so, yippee, I have 2 packs in the fridge that I've been scared to eat :)


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I'm so happy!
The only fly in the ointment was eating them on scanbran! ;)

Actually, they were fine on it. Managed 3 and smeared them with all 5 of the the delis and it tasted nice!
In Tesco today I found the Blue Cheese and the Onion varieties at a special price of £1 per box - usually £1.60 something.
But no sign of the goat's cheese variety. Anyone seen them??


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Only found the blue cheese and onion ones here as well - have tried the onion one and was pleasant enough and a nice variation on the normal LCL.