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TS AAM Laura's diary!!

Hi all, you have prob all seen me lurking about the forum for the last month or so but today is finally my DAY 1!! had half a vanilla sachets with half a bar for breakfast and now slowly making my way through my water. I don't feel hungry yet and the shake/bar seemed to fill me up and it tasted really nice which was a surprise as loads of you put the fear of god into me saying x,y and z shakes were mingin! Weighed in at 13 stone 13.5 pounds this morning and hoping to be in the 12 stones by end of January as I am off to poland for a few days and would love to wear some nicer clothes. Very excited about my first weigh in already and it's only day 1!! My OH is doing it with me too so it makes it a bit easier and there will be no cooking of any kind going on in my house for a while! Thank god cos I hate doing dishes! So I will be making full use of this forum for support in the coming months and let me apologise in advance for boring you all to death lol. Here's to a slimmer, happier, healthier me in 2011! *clink* xxx
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Thanks confused and sazzler!! I hope I have a fab loss in a weeks time to report!


I will never give up
welcome to exante and good luck on your journey heres to a slimmer january.lol.
thanks spyro!! good luck to us all.
welcome to exante laura.
i dont think any of us like doing the dishes lol. i would say as soon as you have finished your shake then rinse the cup out/jug or whatever you use out as if you leave it for a few hours its hard to clean ;)
thanks julie, I had the same thought after I made my shake this morning! I used a shaker then rinsed it straight away, I had visions of it becoming engrained! just had a black coffee to warm me up, still got one and a half packs left so I'm sure I will be honking later for today!!! yay! only had a litre of water tho so I'm off to fill up my wee jug with another litre!!
wow GUY your before and after photos are inspirational! You have done it before so I have no doubt you will do it again! Yay go us!


Likes to lurk
Thanks very much. I'm so annoyed at myself for letting it slip as much as I have. Decided to swallow my pride and go back on the packs before all 8 stone went back on. The pics show it can be done and I tell you, nothing feels like it. Just working up the nerve to post on my blog again.....

Go US indeed! :) One day at a time.
You should start a fresh diary on here too since you are new to exante? I can't wait to feel good about myself again, I can only imagine how it feels.
Currently got a weird gurgling feeling in my stomach is this normal? It's not unpleasant just weird.
Does it ever go away? Feeling very bored today as me an OH have had a bit of a lazy day today and usually we would have had munchies and takeaway at this point so I just had to go for a lovely bath using some Christmas smellies and now I don't know what to do... A takeaway would be lovely but I am very determined to crack this once and for all. Ah well I've still got 1 pack left to have later, I will Probs split it into two.


Likes to lurk
You will be surprised how much better you'll feel in a few days time. One you're in ketosis, any hunger you feel will be (mostly) all in the mind. Spending a lot of time in the bath for the first few days is a good idea. It makes it that much more hassle to get to the fridge! :D

I know how you feel though. My sugar headache is starting already!

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