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  1. camz

    camz Gold Member

    Hi :)

    I joined my local weight watchers meeting tonight, and will be doing the Simple Start plan for the first week then hopefully moving onto pro points as I feel I need more discipline (which is why I ended up regaining all of my lost weight on slimming world!)

    I'm going to be posting my food on here each day and hoping some of you lovely lot can keep me on track!! So I think this is my plan for tomorrow (breakfast isn't great as my food shopping comes at lunchtime, and annoyingly I'm out for a pub lunch - but driving - tomorrow too!) :-

    Breakfast - 2x weetabix (treat 2) skimmed milk + sweetener.

    Lunch - Jacket potato, baked beans & salad. Diet coke in pub.

    Dinner - extra lean mince + veggie spag bol whole wheat pasta bake + cheese (treat 2)

    I'm also going to get up early and go to the gym before my shopping comes and clean/tidy the house. We are meant to be going out for a friends birthday on Saturday night and for a meal at TGIs - I'm thinking steak and veg/salad + jacket?? Drinks could be a problem and annoyingly I don't even really want to go; nor does OH. Wish we could cancel but that's not really fair on our friend. Tempted to drive so I don't have to drink but know for a fact that I won't have as much fun haha!! Will keep an open mind and sort something out!

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  3. UKSerena

    UKSerena (Will)PowerPuff Girl! X

    Hey Laura :) Well Done for joining WW tonight, how did you find the Meeting? I stick with PP too, I have no concept of Portion Control so I don't think F&H would work for me in the long run! I'm liking the idea of your Steak with Veg/Salad at TGIs, a Jacket would be fine on SS too, just make sure you ask for no butter/margarine. Im restarting tomorrow and have a diary (it's called If you fail to prepare, you prepare to fail) if you would like to subscribe. X
  4. camz

    camz Gold Member

    Fab :) I will go subscribe now, I find reading other peoples stories so motivating!!

    The meeting was fine. A little boring and lots of older people there, but I was told it was pretty quiet with it being half term and stuff, so hopefully it will be a bit more lively next week!!

  5. UKSerena

    UKSerena (Will)PowerPuff Girl! X

    If not you'll have to liven it up ;-) Did u sign up to Monthly Pass? See u at my diary :) x
  6. camz

    camz Gold Member

    You may be onto something there Serena ;-)

    I had porridge oats and skimmed milk for breakfast, and am just about to take a look at the menu for the pub I'm heading to for lunch! X
  7. camz

    camz Gold Member

    Ok so today's food:-

    B- porridge + skimmed milk

    L- jacket potato, beans, half fat cheese (treat 1) salad.

    D- whole wheat pasta, veggie bacon + extra lean mince bolognese bake, warburtons thins garlic bread w/ low fat cheese (treat 2)

    Does this look ok on simple start?

    :) x
  8. UKSerena

    UKSerena (Will)PowerPuff Girl! X

    Is the Jacket Potato at the pub? SS Menu looks good, only thing I wondered about is Veggie Bacon? Is that on the F&H Food List? X
  9. camz

    camz Gold Member

    Yeah jacket is at the pub, thinking I may skip the cheese as could be a huge portion?

    I apologise for my poor grammar, that should have read veggies (ie tinned tomatoes, onions, peppers), bacon, and I've decided to have some chicken instead of mince :)

  10. UKSerena

    UKSerena (Will)PowerPuff Girl! X

    Sorry Sweetie! I didn't mean to sound rude or patronising when I asked, I just wasn't sure if I had missed something! I'm thinking Jacket, Beans and Salad will be enough? Just remember to ask for no butter/margarine x
  11. camz

    camz Gold Member

    Not patronising at all Hun, would rather have the help :)

    I did remember to ask without butter too, and had a diet coke - feeling very pleased with myself!! Xxx
  12. UKSerena

    UKSerena (Will)PowerPuff Girl! X

    Go Laura, Go Laura, Go Go Go! Proud of you Sweetie x
  13. camz

    camz Gold Member

    Wow - I cannot believe how much more filling wholemeal pasta is!! Had less than I normally would and am just as comfortably full 1 hour later!

    I'm going to make myself some popping corn with sweetener and salt on later on whilst catching up on BGT! Xx
  14. UKSerena

    UKSerena (Will)PowerPuff Girl! X

    Mmmmmm Popcorn! We always have Wholemeal, I think it has a much nicer flavour too. X
  15. camz

    camz Gold Member

    Just a wee update on today's food, not on plan specifically but made very good choices and so I'm feeling pleased!

    B- crumpets, butter (treat 1) bovril

    L-warb thin with Wafer thin chicken and a tbsp of extra light mayo (treat 2)

    S- spoonful of yesterday's pasta.

    D- grilled tandoori chicken, tandoori mixed grill and LOTS of salad! + a few spoonfuls of mint yog dip.

    I also drove out to tea and had diet coke, whilst turning down birthday cake so although I know tea wasn't strictly simple start food I think I've made much better choices than I normally would in an unavoidable situation (best mates bday).

    Bring on tomorrow!! X
  16. UKSerena

    UKSerena (Will)PowerPuff Girl! X

    I think you did fantastic in the situation Laura! Go us with our Saturday Willpower! X
  17. camz

    camz Gold Member

    Today's food :)

    B- porridge and skimmed milk, + an apple.

    L- jacket, baked beans, 40g 1/2 fat cheese (treat 1)

    D- roast pork (no fat) fry light roasted root veg and potatoes, 2tsp gravy (treat 2)
  18. UKSerena

    UKSerena (Will)PowerPuff Girl! X

    Looking good :) Gotta love a roast on a Sunday! X
  19. camz

    camz Gold Member

    Back to work after a week off today, majorly struggling and have had a mega headache all day. Since getting home I've realised I only had a couple of small cups of water all day, and so since coming home I've made up a 2l jug of sugar free diluted squash to drink throughout the night, hoping this helps.

    Today's food:-
    B- Crumpets, butter (treat 1) bovril

    L- wafer thin chicken, thins, e/l mayo (treat 2), S/F jelly, massive apple.

    D- homemade crustless quiche, actifry chips and butternut squash.

    Will have some popcorn later if I am still peckish xx
  20. UKSerena

    UKSerena (Will)PowerPuff Girl! X

    Hope the Squash helps with the headache! Do you make your Quiche with Cottage Cheese and Eggs? X
  21. camz

    camz Gold Member

    Thanks Hun :) I've had a bit of a lightbulb moment and think it could be because I've had no diet coke today, think it's time to cut back on my usual 1-2 cans a day!

    I do make my quiche that way yes :) bacon and red onion today! Going to take that to work for lunch tomorrow too!! X

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