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Lauz's new year, new diary! *green days*

Well I didn't stick to it for long last time, shame on me :( but i'm determined to stick at it this time, getting below the 10st mark would be brilliant, been stuck at about 10st 4lbs for several years!

I'm aiming for 9 stone, which I got to before with SW, but i'm doing it from home this time.

Today I had to make do with my bare cupboards -

B- none, got up too late (not a good start!)
L- 2 small slices brown bread (HEXB) with flora light (1 syn), and a 'fried' egg, plus 1tbsp ketchup (1 syn)
Snack- fat free strawberry nom yoghurt
Dinner - pasta with onion, garlic, mixed peppers, half tin of chopped tomatoes, 57g philadelphia (HEXA) and a chicken breast (HEXB) fried in fry light.
3 tsp of sticky toffee pudding and cream (6 syns? Couldn't resist the leftovers, threw the rest away though!)

Milk in tea throughout the day (HEXA)

Total syns - 8 :D

Edit: had a skinny cow mint hot choc (2 syns) and muller cheesecake yoghurt (1 syn) when my late tesco delivery came!

So total for day - 11 syns
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Don't think anyone's reading but it's helpful for me to have a food diary on here anyway!

Breakfast - choc and orange alpen light bar (1/2 HEXB)
Lunch - toastie made with 2 small slices wholemeal (HEXB), flora light (1 syn), 2 thin slices ham (1/2 HEXB) and 28g grated cheddar (HEXA). 1 muller cheesecake yoghurt (1 syn).
Dinner - cheese and broccoli pasta and sauce with 1 tbsp philadelphia (2 syns?).
Milk in tea - (HEXA).
Evening drink - skinny cow mint hot choc (2 syns)

Added some mini cheddars for 6.5 syns so total syns for today - 12.5.

Love love love SW though, easiest, tastiest, most filling 'diet' ever!
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Aw thanks! :)

Today's gone a bit Pete Tong - I blame the 6 hour team meeting at work, i'm the only girl so breakfast baps all round! And dreaded biscuits...

Breakfast - choc and orange alpen light bar (1/2 HEXB)

And now the syns...
Lunch - 2 slices white bread and marg (10 syns) with fried egg (0.5), 2 sausages (8), bacon (HEXB) and ketchup (1)!!!
1 chocolate rice krispie cake (6)
1 custard cream (3)
2 malted milk biscuits (6)

Dinner - back to normality - pasta n sauce with philly (HEXA). Fat free strawberry NOM yoghurt.
Tea in milk - HEXA

Total syns - er...33.5. :eek:
Better be very very good for a few days!
It was delish, I have to say!

Today's menu:

B - alpen light bar (1/2 HEXB) at least i'll make proper breakfasts at the weekend!
L - pasta with 28g cheddar (HEXA) and tinned tomatoes and herbs. 1 packet of quavers (4.5 syns).
Snack - roasted vegetable 'cup a pasta' with a little philly (1/2 HEXB) sooo delish!
D - syn free chips, 'fried' egg and baked beans. Fat free NOM yoghurt.
Milk in tea - HEXA.

Total syns for today - 4.5 :)

Back on track!
Good day today, this is what i'm planning for the rest of the day too and there's nothing naughty in the house to tempt me so that should be easy :) My friend is coming round later but I won't be on the wine, i've really gone off drinking anyway!

B- 2 scrambled eggs with cheddar (HEXA) and 1 tbsp salsa (0.5 syns).

L - 2 slices granary (HEXB) with flora light (1 syn), 2 slices lean ham (HEXB) and 1 tbsp branston pickle (1 syn).
1 muller cheesecake yoghurt (1 syn).

D- syn free chips with baked beans and a 'fried' egg. Skinny cow mint hot choc (2 syns).

Milk in tea - HEXA.

Total syns today - 5.5 :D:D

Normally when i'm on a diet I wake up and think 'oh great, what can I eat today"...but never with SW, and the best thing is, it's so cheap! I'm on a tight budget as we're buying our first house together so i'm going to try and make my boyfriend the same dinners from now on...if I just put it in front of him I reckon he'll eat it, and it will be healthier than chicken nuggets and oven chips all the time!

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