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LC Product Reviews

S: 14st0lb C: 12st3lb G: 9st7lb BMI: 28.5 Loss: 1st11lb(12.76%)
S: 14st0lb C: 12st3lb G: 9st7lb BMI: 28.5 Loss: 1st11lb(12.76%)
Copied from an old post of mine in case its useful to anyone:
I just got a delivery today actually and im pretty bored so i'll list the atkins bars I have here

All suitable for indution except the one I have said.
Advantage choc brownie - 3g net carbs 11.3g polyols
Day break Cinammon - 1g net carbs 0 polyols
Advantage Choc decadence 2.1g net carbs 16g polyols
Endulge caramel nut chew bar 2g net carbs 0 polyols
Advantage fudge brownie - 2g net carbs 0 polyols phases 2,3,4
Advantage Caramel cookie dough bar - 2g net carbs 0 polyols

Also have other makes of things..
Duke & Mandarin Caramel bars - 2g net carbs
Cavalier Solid milk choc - 2g net carbs
Cavalier wafers - 1.2g per wafer (the boots ones are nicer and from memory I *think* are 0.3g

The duke and mandarin praline is really yummy, but was out of stock.

The praline seashells are very nice.. cant taste much difference between them and the real thing. The guylian bar chocolate isnt as nice as I was hoping for.

I have also got but havent tried before, carbophobia choc cake mix and a no carb breading mix (for kfc type chicken etc) I have no idea what these are like, will report back once tried.

Ps. DO NOT buy the miss meringue meringues.. they are vomit worthy. I have a whole pack of them left here and dont know what to do with them.
So.. the carbophobia cake mix.. that was a very very odd experience. I had to microwave it for a good minute longer than it said cos it wasnt set properly. I then waited for it to half cool down (impatient)cut it in half and then put butter icing (carbophobia vanilla) in the middle.
It has a bit of an odd texture, very slightly eggy, obviously coconutty, and cant be that bad because despite cutting into slices and putting it in seperate bags in the fridge I ate it all in one day. :eek:
(Not a good idea :sign0131:)
Will definitely get it again, it says you can freeze it once made which I think I will do as my self control with cakes obviously still needs some work.

The breading mix we already know is fab.

Have also met thorntons diabetic range this week.. omg its soo good!
I got a little selection bag of chocolates and a fudge bar and it was all so yummy I had to send it to work with hubby in the car rather than have it in the house and obsess about it. Tastes just like proper yummy normal chocolates to me.
Downside is the little chocs are 7 polyols each, the bars are over 20.

Will have a think of other things and add to this tomorrow. xx


Alway see the love x

Kitchen Pancake and Waffle Mix
Carbs/Serving: 1g
Made the waffles which tasted "oaty" Made in a waffle maker. 5/10

Josephs Thick Maple Syrup
Carbs/Serving: 0g
Nice and sweet. Not too thick. 8/10

Brought from www.lowcarbmegastore.com

Woofy X
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Alway see the love x
Rhubarb and Custard Rhubarb and Custard flavoured boiled sweets Carbs/Serving: 0g
Lush. 10/10 Like the real thing. Didt upset the tummy

Cola Bottles
Carbs/Serving: 0g
Lush 10/10 Like the real cola bottles..

Chocolate Nibble Mix (Nuts & Raisins)
Size: 100gServings: 4Serving Size:25gCarbs/Serving: 1.9g
LUSH.... Not too sure if ur allowed raisins (prob not) you can miss then out. Didnt knock me out of Ketosis. 10/10

Woofy X
S: 14st0lb C: 12st3lb G: 9st7lb BMI: 28.5 Loss: 1st11lb(12.76%)
Ah good point Karen about the boots diabetic stuff.

In my opinion:

Chewy toffees - very good, taste very similar to real toffees, only downside is they are 6 polyols each sweet.

Chocolate wafers - these come singley or in a multipack, they are quite small, but very tasty and pretty low in carbs.

Milk chocolate bars - not as good as other low carb chocolate out there, ive still got 3/4 of a bar sat in my cupboard from a couple of months ago.. there is always better things to nibble on, lol.

Travel sweets - Nothing to write home about

The boots things are much cheaper than the atkins range, although at the moment atkins bars are still on 3 for 2 in boots.



Alway see the love x

Green Top Pork Crunch
Hot n Spicy 59p
Size: 30gServings: 1Serving Size:30gCarbs/Serving: 0g
I didnt find them hot and spicy but they were "ok" I dont like "hog lumps" normally but these were not lumps but more like "Qwavers" 5/10

Woofy X

sukie sue

this is My time to shine!
S: 16st0lb C: 12st10lb G: 10st7lb BMI: 29.6 Loss: 3st4lb(20.54%)
carbquick bake mix is great , made the biscuits and they were like scones so really nice , made pizza last night , rolled dough really thin and added a little tomato paste from a jar 7.1 g per 100g and then added pepperoni , jalepinos and chicken and jalepinos on the other side lots of mozzarella and hey ho a great pizza with about 3g carbs per pretty decent size slice , well impressed !!!
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S: 14st0lb C: 12st3lb G: 9st7lb BMI: 28.5 Loss: 1st11lb(12.76%)
Yep thats right Jools.

Be mindful that its recommended to have no more than 15-20g polyols a day, and that for some people sweetners stall their weight loss.

Give them a try, if you stall you know they arnt for you. xx


Alway see the love x

Dreamfields Pasta
Penne Rigate £2.85
Size: 375g Servings: 8Serving Size:56gCarbs/Serving: 5g

Lush. No different to "normal" paste. 10/10 ( he never noticed it was low carb lol)​

Sugarless Mints
Spearmint 40p
Size: 14gServings: variousServing Size:1 sweetCarbs/Serving: 0g

Wouldnt bother!!! 0/10. Nothing minty about it really, very mild. Shame really

Both brought from /www.lowcarbmegastore.com

Woofy X

S: 14st0lb C: 12st3lb G: 9st7lb BMI: 28.5 Loss: 1st11lb(12.76%)

Tortilla Wraps
Original £3.49
Size: 360gServings: 10 tortillasServing Size:36gCarbs/Serving: 3g
Lovely with the breaded chicken, salad and a dob of mayo
From www.lowcarbmegastore.com

Woofy X​
Have had these last 2 days - w/o breaded chicken lol.
Smell funny, look funny, taste absolutely brilliant. :p

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