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Learning from our mistakes

I notice some of us, me included, fall off the wagon. It's to be expected. However, the mistake we seem to make is not working out why we did it and therefore not giving ourselved the oppurtunity to learn from that mistake and try to prevent it happening again.

I have some some cognitive behavioural therapy and we were taught to use something called ABC this is an acronym for Activating event, belief and consequence. This can be applied across all aspects of life not just weight loss. I have attached a form which I try and use every time I "fall of the wagon".

A the ativating event is basically the trigger, what caused your consequential behaviour. B is the belief, what you believe and think, your personal rules, the demands you make on yourself, the world and people and the meanings that you attach to external and internal events, C consequences include your emotions, behaviours and physical sensations.

Sometimes if I have a binge I have to start with the consequence and work backwards because it is not always easy to tell what our trigger is. Believe me too that it doesn't always work but unless we learn to change our basic habits that make us do the things we do which in our eyes are wrong then how can we expect to maintain a weight loss after the more radical steps on CD.

I hope some of you find this helpful
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Thanks SJ -I start CBT on wed for other reasons so you've given me some hope. :)
we cover this in LL ................ x

Deb G

Silver Member
Yep - we use CBT and TA in LL, and I personally think this is why LL is such a good diet to be on as it changes your mind as well as your body. Its certainly the fdiet I've done where I really BELIEVE that I WON'T put the weight back on again!
We use CBT a lot in my work as a community mental health nurse, it's hard but does work

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