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Leenas weight loss diary a new me... Yay

Hi guys

I'm going to be writing here everyday for motivation and moral support. Everyone on here seems do helpful so I hope you lovely people can help me.. ?
Im starting my diet tomorrow for the last time as I want to succeed and lose weight and look fab..
I've been reading these forums and they have been so inspiring..
My current weight is 13stone 7pounds.. I want to be atlesast in my 11 stones by September if possible.. But each week I will let you guys know how I'm doing... Hehe
At the moment I'm really excited about starting my diet tomorrow I've got my 3 shakes ready with my coffee and green tea and also my shaker.. I've got some ideas from reading the forums and will look forward to experimenting..
I'm so glad for these forums.. Really inspiring.
Leena x
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Bouncy Castle
Fingers crossed for you, sweetie. xx
Thanks spangles...

Anyways I've been up since half 6 reading these forums gosh I think I'm addicted lol which is good.. Going to start my diet today but then I'm thinking I'll start tomorrow.. However tomorrow never comes so I need to do it today.. My cc says if I get the 3months out the way then I don't need to worry plus I finish Uni in 5 weeks and it's my birthday in oct and I'm going to America so I think this is my incentive to do well.. This diet is great if u stick to it... So about 10 o'clock I'll have a cup of coffee and kick start my diet I think I'll go gym in the evening but I'm not sure if I can I think I should do atleast 20 mins of cardio x


Bouncy Castle
I'm new to CD - but can't you concebntrate on gettiing the diet bedded in and get past the first few days and safely into ketosis before you try and inflict proper gym sessions on yourself? I mean, unless you enjoy the cardio it seems like rather a lot to ask of yourself until it gets easier.


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Hi spangles is right, exercise will be hard going initially, at least get the first few days over with. Even showering was an effort on day 3 haha! Good luck, I'll look forward to reading your diary and see you shrinking :)
Awe thanks guys you lot are fab!! Yeh I think I'll leave the gym for a while I've had the first shake of the day so I'm looking forward to getting the day over with... How are you lot doing? X


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Good luck with your weight loss! You sound really motivated so I'm sure you'll have great results!

My number one tip is to get a decent blender (I like kenwood smoothie to go) to blend you shakes with ice. Delicious!! It's £24ish on amazon. And keep glugging the water. And don't let yourself get too constipated! Haha a few tips then! Xx
Awe thanks colony to be fair my motivation seems to fail
I think as I feel like just eating know!!!! Oh damn food and skinny people who eat n not put any weight on!!!! I'm feeling quite tired n moody today ? plus stressed as i got so much uni work to do n only thing i can here is the builder making a racket!!!!
You can do it, first 3 days are hell. I'd leave activity til week 2-3 as your body needs rest.

I started on SS 29.6.11, at 13st 4 am now 12st bang on!! In 4 weeks. Health reasons I do SS+ some days. I am 5'7 and my goal weight is 10st 7 aim to get there by beginning September.

Best of luck with your journey and remember nothing tastes as sweet as skinny feels!! Plus look up dual dynamics blog on you tube it's really helped me.
Awe thanks Hun I have had a sandwich oops but just can't help it I'm going to
Look at that blog n defo start tomorrow even if it kills me sad face just want to get it out the way x


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Keep trying, once you've done it for a few days you won't want to ruin it by cheating and discover your immense will power!! Keep posting on your diary! Xx
Hi colony

I think I'm very determined I had a really emotionally day today... Which I think put things into prospectus know I want to lose weight for myself and not other people... How is your diet going Hun xx


Gold Member
The initial first days are so hard but once you get past the first few days you seriously have got over the worst of it. Do u have scales at home? Maybe jumping on at night to see the drop in figures may motivate you over the next few days? Just an idea :)
Like others here I think daily weighing is a mistake, it is misleading and can show false results which can in turn make us horribly depressed. That can lead to cheating and even to massive binges!

VLCDs take patience - aim for the promised stone a month and don't fret about day to day losses so much.
Hi guys thanks for the advice ok here goes I haven't started the diet yet as I've had a lot on mind.. But I've cleared that up n thinking positive so it's time that I get up n sort myself out... So Cambridge it is tomorrow I think
I'm just going to go as each day comes otherwise I'll be all over the place.. It doesn't help that's it TOTM... So wish me luck n I will keep yu guys posted I have let myself down though so I'm defo doing something about it..
Also I was in a meeting today n I was sitting opposite the Mirror n I looked huge especially when I was sitting next to a skinny girl lol z


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I can do it. said:
Hi colony

I think I'm very determined I had a really emotionally day today... Which I think put things into prospectus know I want to lose weight for myself and not other people... How is your diet going Hun xx
Okay thank you! I'm absolutely fine during the week when I work loads and don't have the time or inclination to go off plan. But at the weekend I crumble miserably! Going to redouble my efforts though! The faster I lose this lard, the sooner I can go up a step on the plan and get closer towards a more normal diet! xx

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