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Lele's first ever food diary - Slimming World

Ok here goes!

Please, feel free to correct if needed hehe
Going to start with yesterdays

Thursday 19th May: Green day

Breakfast: muller light chopped banana
Alpen light bar 1/2 HEB

Lunch: carrot sweet potato onion and red until soup
Alpen light bar

Dinner: mashed potatoes - added a dash of milk from HEA
Green beans, carrots, sweetcorn & peas
Red onion gravy sun free recipe i found here

Snacks: walkers baked crisps 5.5 syns?
Apple & banana
2 ryvita HEB? with 3 extra light laughing cow triangles HEA?

Drank tons of water yesterday and had a glass of sprite zero with dinner
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Ok, so how pants have I been at keeping a food diary?!?!

This is my 3rd week on Slimming World & I am really enjoying it!

Monday 23rd May 2011(so far) - Red Day

Breakfast(7.30am): Tea with milk from HEA1
2 sugars - 2 syns
Alpen light bar x2 - HEB1
Banana (ate this half hour later on way to work!)

Mid morning break @ work 11am: Mattesons Twisted Tails - have no idea how many syns these are?!
500ml bottle sprite zero

Lunch: 2 ryvita crackerbread HEB2
2 laughing cow ex.light triangle
2 slices ham

Dinner: 1 SW saugage
chicken fillet
carrot & turnip mash
garden peas (1 syn?)

40 mins of Zumba also :D
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Tuesday 24th May 2011 - Red Day

Breakfast: Banana
Muller light choc & orange
coke zero

Lunch: Alpen light bar 1/2 HEB1
Matteson's fridge raiders 2syns?
Large helping of beetroot (YUM)

Dinner: 2 chicken drumsticks & 2 chicken legs (Skin removed)
28g cheddar HEA1
Pint glass of no added sugar Vimto - NO IDEA OF SYNS?!

Snacks: Apple
alpen light bar 1/2 HEB1
glass skimmed milk HEA2
Aero Bubbly Dessert Mint 58g - 5.5 syns
Wednesday 25th May 2011 - Green Day SO FAR...

Breakfast: Apple
500ml bottle of water

Lunch: 2 SW approved veggie roll
2 fried eggs cooked in fry light
2 slices wholemeal nimble HEB1
tbsp tomato ketchup 1syn
pint glass of sugar free Vimto

Dinner(wont get to have it until about half 7):
sweet potato mash
garden peas
2 chicken goujons (2syns each) 4 syns

Snack: muller light banana & custard
alpen light bar
Ok, no posts from Wednesday! I shall explain!

Between eating out with work friends & going to my friends birthday party, I was pretty scared about the weekend lol. BUT! Not all bad!
On thursday I ate out and as we went to a chinese restaurant I had a veg chow mein. I stuck to all free & super free food the rest of the day.
Again for the birthday party. The only syns I had was the alcohol. I did flexi syn as I knew I'd not be going home too early, but I stuck to my limit. There was a food spread & I stuck to the fresh salad - no dressing.

I have exercised A LOT this weekend & weighed myself this morning and there is (so far) no weight gain.
I'm back on track again & still feel great!
Will post todays diary below!

Monday 30th May 2011 - Green Day

Breakfast: 2 slices w/m nimble bread HEB1
scrambled eggs

Lunch: Jacket Potato
grated carrot & courgette
cheese HEA1

Dinner: baby boiled potatoes
chicken HEB2
green beans
red onion
glass of milk HEA2

Snack: 3 ryvita sesame (i found on here that they are 1.5 syns each?) 4.5 syns
Banana chopped
2 tbsp nutella 8 syns

45 min power walk 1st thing this morn & 30 zumba this afternoon <3


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Hi Lele :)

Your food diary looks good! Well done on picking something good at the Chinese - I had an Italian last week and it was so hard watching everyone else pig out!

Oh, and you've probably checked by now, but I think all sugar free cordials are free :)
Hi Charmel!

It was so hard, hence the ice cream :/ but not beating myself up about it.
New week, new start.

Really enjoying it though!

Yes thank you! Loving the allowances with slimming world. Sometimes I forget I'm even on a diet!
ok, so this is what I plan for today! :D

Tuesday 31st May 2011 - Extra Easy

Breakfast: Banana
2 slices nimble wm bread toasted HEB
2 light laughing cow triangles (part HEA)

Lunch: baked potato
1 light laughing cow triangle (part HEA)
grated carrot & courgette

Dinner: Spag bol made with extra lean mince, carrot, courgette, tinned tomatoes, garlic, red onion, mushrooms & 2 beef stock cubes! yum!

snack: i was told by a friend about the dessert that you can make with a crushed digestive, strawberries & mullerlight. Anyone know of how many syns this would be?? I'm guessing about 3 syns for the digestive?
cadburys light mousse (1/2 fat one) 3 syns
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Wednesday 1st June 2011 - Extra Easy

Breakfast: Mullerlight & banana

Lunch: Ryvitas x 3 HEB1
extra light cheese triangles x 2 HEA1
cooked, sliced chicken

Dinner: baby potatoes
cooked, sliced chicken
pickled onions

snacks: cadbury's light mousse 1/2 fat one - 3 syns
alpen light bar 3.5 syns
Thursday 2nd June 2011 - EE

Breakfast (7.30am):

Lunch 12pm(ate on bus on way home from work lol):
Small tub of plain cooked sliced chicken
Mattesons fridge raiders
Bottle of water

red onion
large meatball sized portion of extra lean mince
tinned tomatoes
oxo cube
garden peas

2 alpen light double choc HEB
4 mikado sticks 2 syns

***I was bad last night when my OH came home from work (9pm) & split a chicken chow mein with him :/ = 3.5 syns?

drank about 3 large bottles (750ml) of water.
Friday 3rd June 2011 - EE
today is my niece's 4th birthday, so got to show my strength at her party later :/

2 alpen light bars on way to work HEB

AM Snack:
2 thick slices of watermelon

2 chicken drumsticks (Skin removed)

instant mash made with water
1 birdseye crispy chicken 8syns?
some gravy 1syn

2 mikado sticks 1 syn

drinks: water, NAS Vimto & 7up free
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Saturday 4th June 2011 - Extra Easy

so far...
2 slices of WM Nimble bread toasted with a scraping of butter - HEB
2 thick slices of watermelon - Yum!
Large glass of ice cold water & ice cubes!

Lunch: chicken salad
diet orange drink

Tuna with pasta 2tbsp extra light mayo 2 syns
glass milk HEA

snack: 4 mikado sticks 2 syns
carrot sticks
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Sunday 5th June 2011 - EE

2 slices wm nimble bread toasted & plain HEB
scrambled egg
Baked beans
tea with milk from HEA & sweetener

Lunch (while out & about):
large mixed fruit salad
tea with milk from HEA & sweetener
packet of walkers baked c&o 5 syns

mashed potatoes
green beans
brussel sprouts
syn free gravy
grilled gammon - all fat removed

muller light
alpen bar - 3syns


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Hi LeleQ!

Looks like you are doing great still - what day do you weigh in? Are you still enjoying it?

I am - well, on the days when I plan, unlike today!

Keep up the good work x
Hi Charmel!

Thank u very much! I weigh in on wednesdays. Tbh I'm dreading it. Don't feel I've lost anything at all. :( but trying not to beat myself up about it. Hey ho. 2moro is a new day.
Still enjoying it though. I've more energy now than I've had in a long time. Going to try my hand at running/jogging. So going for a breaking in run/jog in the morning before work :)

Will add todays food entry now before I forget again hehe
Monday 6th June 2011 - EE

2 slices wm nimble HEB toasted
scraping of butter
Tea with milk from HEA

Mid morning:
Fruit salad
Alpen light 3 syns

Baked potato
Baked beans

Instant mash
Chicken fillet
Green beans
Syn free gravy

Raspberry ruffle - anyone know syn value?
Alpen light - 3 syns

Drinks: water, sprite zero tea made with milk from HEA

30 mins walking & 30 mins Zumba!
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Tuesday 7th June 2011 - Extra Easy

Breakfast 7.30am:
alpen light bar 1/2 HEB

Lunch 12.00:
alpen light bar 1/2 HEB
celery & carrot sticks

Dinner 4.30pm:
Homemade soup: red onion, sweet potato, carrot, garlic, tinned tomatoes, veg stock - blended
1 glass sprite zero

snack 8pm: ham & cheese HEA sandwich - 9 syns for 2 slices of wm kingsmill bread
1 syn for mayo :/

weigh-in 2moro, hoping it goes ok...
Wednesday 8th June 2011 - Extra Easy
Woke up with an extremely sore throat :( Have a really bad throat infection & can't get an app with GP for antibiotics until Friday :'(


shape zero yog
hot water & lemon
2 blackcurrant tunes 3 syns

fruit salad (melon, kiwi & grapes)
alpen light bar 3 syns

stir fry veg cooked with fry light
blue dragon sweet chili & garlic stir fry sauce 9 1/2 syns ouch! (wasn't actually a good idea to eat this with a raw throat but hey! still enjoyed it!)

3 ryvita sesame HEB
3 ex light laughing cow triangles HEA
ham slices
chopped pineapple & apple

drank tons of water & NOS Vimto throughout the day.

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