Lellifer's weight loss diary


S: 72kg C: 72kg G: 57kg BMI: 26.1 Loss: 0kg(0%)
Im going back to SW tonight so making this thread to keep me going.

A bit of history, I started at 13 stone dead on 2 years ago, lost 2.5 stone in a year but never made target as we moved and I fell away from group. Going to WI in half an hour and hoping to be under 12 stone but I'm not sure that I am.

I want to lose the tummy and get back to being a size 8 which was my size until I went to uni. At the moment I'm a size 14.
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S: 72kg C: 72kg G: 57kg BMI: 26.1 Loss: 0kg(0%)
Ok so just got a text saying that the church that the club is in was damaged so no class tonight. Figure I'll start this week and go to WI next week.

Food for today so far:

2 slices WM bread from a 400g loaf HXB1, 2 boiled eggs, 2 laughing cow extra light triangles HXA1

Quorn frozen tikka masala ready meal (3syns?)

Roasted beetroot, spinach, 28g goats cheese (HXA), cherry tomatoes and fat free dressing

Tesco mini trifle
M&S chocolate pudding cup.

I know I'm missing a B for today and went nuts on snacks.

Tomorrow the plan is porridge for breakfast, left over beetroot salad for lunch, carrot and corriander soup for dinner probably with 2 small slices of bread and some cheese to make up the healthy extras (can't remember what else counts, was hoping to get the books tonight :( ). For snacks I have grapes, passion fruits and muller lights.