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Lemon and Ginger tea?


Feeling like utter, utter crap.

I've got ginger. And I've got lemons. Do I grate the ginger? Do I dice it? Do I boil it? What do I do? :(

How do I make that tea that's supposed to be good to make a cold go away?

I don't have honey, purely cos I don't like the stuff.

Any help much appreciated xx
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Ginger is brilliant stuff when you feel like crap and I drank it all through my chemo to help with the sickness.

I would recommend you chop your ginger so that you so not lose to many "oils", leave it to stand for a minute or two, add your lemon juice, it is so much more pleasant with a teaspoonful of sugar which is only one syn so you are good for 15 cups !!

I am drinking Spiced tea as I type and the major part of that is ginger........it is yummy and starts my day so well.

Hope you are soon feeling well again.

Take care,

hugs xxxx
Ginger is an extremely effective remedy for inflammations, cough, cold and other forms of bacterial, fungal and viral infections. Since the incidence of these conditions is more common among the elderly, ginger is considered a trusted anti-aging agent.
If you know about the changes that happen inside the body when aging begins to set in, you'll know that the first damages start taking place in the cells. The constant free radical hits start changing the configuration of the cells, making them weak and susceptible to infections. Aging is accompanied by gradual lowering of immunity. This makes it easier for the bacteria and virus to attack the body with greater intensity. Ginger plays a very important role in containing the damages at the cellular level from infections.
The first thing that happens with an infection is inflammation. This condition is the forerunner of all diseases. Inflammation means swelling, redness, pain and extreme discomfort. Ginger can put a stop to all these symptoms. For cough and sore throat, it works like magic if taken with some tepid water or hot tea. Since ginger can control inflammation to a significant level, the cells suffer less from the consequences of free radical hits and the symptoms of aging are considerably delayed.
Ginger aids digestion, reduces gas, relieves nausea, lowers cholesterol, and controls fever. Because of its anti-inflammation properties, ginger can relieve arthritis pain and pain from ulcerative colitis. As most of these symptoms are common with the elderly, and as these conditions hasten aging and make you look older than you actually are, the good health benefits of ginger are also seen as its excellent anti-aging properties.
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